MMDA Finds ‘No Window Hours’ Coding Scheme ‘Reduced Travel Time by 3 Minutes’

Who is Edsa? A brief histor behind the name

Initially, the “no window hours” on EDSA and C5 was supposedly to be implemented at the end of the month. However, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has implemented a dry-run of the new traffic scheme last October 12 to 14. Moreover, they said that actual implementation will start on Monday, October 17.

Based from the dry-run, MMDA accessed it and found it as a “relative success.”

According to MMDA, the dry-run of not having window hours on EDSA and C5 (and a few other cities in Metro Manila) has reduced travel time by 3 minutes.

The original target was to reduce travel time by 5 minutes, and apparently, 3 minutes is not that bad.

What do you think of the “no window hours” policy? Will it really be effective in the long run?

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