MLD Entertainment Introduces Another All-Filipino Boy Group New:ID

MLD Entertainment’s new boy group has finally been revealed! They opened the social media channels of their newly introduced boy group, New:ID and is now in heavy preparations for debut targeted by the end of the year.

With the opening of their channel, the revealed logo video had a glitch effect together with the name New:ID, catching the eyes of many. Curiosity is rising because it has the names and other information of the members in various shapes.


Photo: MLD Entertainment

New:ID is a group formed with five members, Thad, Wilson, Jom, L, and Macky, who showed a prominent presence in the Korea-PH collaborative survival audition program “Dream Maker” like HORI7ON. The boys received a lot of love and support from global fans during the airing and are now about to take on a new challenge as they debut.

As much as New:ID was able to show their different talents on the final stage of “Dream Maker”, people are excited about their upcoming global movements.

New:ID is set to show their colorful content before their official debut and is now heading on to their countdown.