Miuccia Luxe Cakes: Luxurious, Hearty, and Lusciously Vegan Desserts

I have always had a fondness for sweets. From pastries to cakes, I never get tired of eating them even if it would result in a toothache. Yes, that’s how much I love sweets: to the point where I would choose to eat dessert before the main course. Dessert, however (specifically cakes), becomes a far-fetched confection when you’re a vegan.

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I’ve recently been slowly transitioning to a vegan lifestyle by gradually removing animal products from my diet and purchasing items that are animal cruelty-free. When I joined a vegan support group on Facebook, I came across a picture of a beautiful chocolate cake elegantly packaged in a rose gold tin. I did my research and discovered Miuccia Luxe Cakes (pronounced as MEE-YOO-CHA).

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These are 100% vegan cakes! Yes, that’s right. Not a single animal product in them. The elegant packaging really caught my interest and the fact that these cakes were made without any eggs or dairy.

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I had the chance to interview the wonderful woman behind Miuccia’s beautiful cakes, Len Beltran-Dorado, a Literature and English Studies professional who served in the government for over a decade. The name of the cake shop was taken from her name and nickname (Miuccia) and Luxe came from “the hopes and dreams of a vegan packaged in a tin can”.

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Beltran-Dorado’s interest and passion in baking was piqued during her childhood at the age of seven as her mother would often bake for her fellow Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) ladies in Europe.

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She started baking vegan in 2014, but it wasn’t until October 2017 that she officially started Miuccia Luxe Cakes. The path she went through before starting up Miuccia’s involved learning the craft of making wedding cakes, as well as intricate and realistic sugar flowers.

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These are some of the sugar flowers handcrafted by Len Beltran-Dorado.

The cakes are made with organic and raw ingredients that are low in glycemic index. Beltran-Dorado emphasizes that her luxurious cakes are not “healthy vegan cakes”, but cakes that “focus greatly on flavor”. All of the magic happens inside her workplace which she calls the “sugar room” (you will not find a single savory ingredient inside the room). She substitutes common animal product ingredients like eggs with chia or flax seeds and milk with different nut milks.

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There are currently six flavors available: Cafe Latte Daydream, Chocolate Rhum, Cookies & Cream, Praline Crunch, Reese’s Inspired, and the Bunny Hugger. Four are in the Luxe Dream Cakes line and two are in the Premium Luxe line.

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The cakes come in 3-inch (Php250-300), 6-inch (Php900-1200), and 8-inch (Php2,100-2,300) tins that are filled to the brim. I had the privilege to sample the Praline Crunch and the Bunny Hugger, both from the Premium Luxe line. They definitely live up to their names.

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­The Bunny Hugger is a delectable carrot cake that literally tastes like home. I can only describe it as a union between carrot cake and food for the gods. From the familiar aromatic spice of the cinnamon to the vanilla icing to the generous amount of walnuts in the cake and sprinkled on top, the cake has a chewy yet crunchy texture that will surely delight and satisfy your cravings.

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Miuccia’s bestselling cake is no other than the Praline Crunch, which Beltran-Dorado calls “a candy bar turned into [a] cake”. This sophisticated Ferrero Rocher inspired cake is layered with a chocolate sponge, crunchy Hazelnut butter, and dark chocolate ganache garnished with chopped walnuts. The smooth ganache combines really well with the crunchiness of the rice puff and the mousse-like texture of the cake, making every bite a pleasurable play on the palate.

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Just look at those layers!

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Whether you are vegan or not, you will surely enjoy these lovely cakes. The cakes are beautifully and perfectly arranged, and are made of the best high quality ingredients. These stunning cakes can also serve as a great surprise to your loved ones. I personally cannot wait to try out the rest of the flavors of Miuccia Luxe Cakes.

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Miuccia Luxe Cakes

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