Mitasu Grill-All-You-Can: Experience All the Yakiniku You Can Eat

Craving for some meaty goodness to fill up your stomachs? Look no more, as Mitasu reveals its new grill-all-you-can promo! Mitasu is the place to go if you want to experience all-you-can-eat yakiniku (grilled meat) , one of the most popular types of all-you-can-eat in Japan. Plus, they serve it with other side dishes made from the best quality ingredients. Mitasu means “to fulfill” and your appetite will surely be filled up, especially once you get a taste of their melt-in-your-mouth beef!

Here, you’ll get served slices of meat which you will grill on top of a charcoal grill (though you can also ask the staff to grill it for you)! The charcoal helps give the meat a distinct smoky flavor. When done, you can dip them in your very own special sauce, of which they have two varieties: sweet and spicy. They recommend mixing both of them together for the best flavor, though. They also use bottom grill vents, by the way, so you won’t smell like smoke when you’re done eating. It will definitely give you an extremely fun and relaxing dining experience!

What sets Mitasu apart from other grill-all-you-can places is that they import their meat from the USA so you can be assured of its freshness and quality. They also follow the Japanese way of preparing their meat, which focuses on drawing out all of its natural flavors. The meat is only lightly marinated and they recommend only dipping 30% of the meat in the special sauce so as not to overpower its flavors. Their meat also has the perfect ratio of lean to fat so it won’t feel like you’re just eating a ton of fat.

Once you’ve had your fill of meat, you can end your meal with unlimited coffee jelly alongside a cup of tea. This is the perfect way to finishoa grilling experience!

For those looking for a different food trip, they also serve unlimited shabu-shabu at their sister restaurant next door, Ichiban, where they also serve delicious classic Japanese dishes such as tempura, sushi, and sashimi in their a-la-carte menu.

For meat lovers, though, Mitasu will give you the meatiest experience for just P488! The grill-all-you-can is available in all Mitasu branches. Head over to Mitasu now to enjoy a real feast you’ll remember forever!

Mitasu Charcoal Yakiniku


780 Banawe Street, Brgy. Sienna, Quezon City

717 9326

Lucky Chinatown Mall

3F Lucky Chinatown, Reina Regente St., Binondo, Manila

940 6236


Instagram: @mitasuyakiniku


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