Missing Dog Manila: Please Help Find a Lost Dog in this Iconic Flood Photo Named “Third”


PLEASE HELP! Does anyone know where this picture was taken? Apparently, one of our readers saw us post this picture on our Facebook page and she thinks this is her lost dog and she’s desperately trying to locate him.


Please send us any info you might have on who took this pic or where it might have been taken. Or at least please spread the word and share this. Any help is most welcome!


Please share this post to spread the word so we can get some info maybe.



Missing Dog Manila

Missing Dog Manila: Please Help Find a Lost Dog Named “Third”



Full details and the owner, Marian’s story here –



Saw this when a friend shared “When in Manila”‘s photo (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151062250973119&set=a.10151062250883119.445280.77710508118&type=1&theater) and decided to comment on their pics pleading for someone to tell me where I could find the dog. Since last January, my 9y/o half Japanese Spitz, his name is “Third” went missing and did everything I could to find him. I haven’t stopped looking for him an praying for us to be reunited. I love this dog so much since he’s really my mom’s. I know my mom wont show or tell me how devastated she is to hear that her beloved Third is missing that’s why I’m doing everything I can to find him.


He’s very friendly, Just call his name (THIRD) and he’ll either look at you or come to you. He’s very smart, an is not afraid to get into any vehicle that’s why a spark of hope lit up inside of me when I saw this. He’s got curly tail just like the one on this picture. This is what he looked before he went missing http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2714264889603&set=a.1075081151034.2011985.1046350163&type=3&theater
and the picture my friend shared is what he might look like now.


I’m in desperate need of help looking for him since I know he might stillbe alive and wondering off somewhere in this bad weather. But by sharing this an praying that we might cross paths again is enough for me.


PLEASE my dear friends, HELP ME share this so I could locate my dog or the person who took this and show me where this dog could be seen. I’d appreciate your actions and will never forget it up to my last breath. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!


P.S. Pls share this with your friends even if you don’t commute or not in the country. We might not know that maybe your friend was the one who took it or was there when that was taken or knows someone who was there that day and so on…I’m just desperate..PLEASE SHARE THIS!! Thank you!!! ^_^





We were able to find the person who took the picture. Here’s what she said:





Apparently the dog got on a jeep that was on it’s way to Katarungan Muntinlupa. The jeepney’s route was the Alabang Palengke to Katarungan Village Muntinlupa route.


The girl, Moja, says the dog got on the jeep from the “Palengke ng Bayan” in Muntinlupa, but she left the jeepney at Muntinlupa National High School and the dog was still on. 


Any further info you might have will be greatly appreciated! 



Please share this post to spread the word so we can get some info maybe.

Missing Dog Manila: Please Help Find a Lost Dog Named “Third”

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