Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach Reveals That She is a Final Fantasy Fan

Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach Reveals That She is a Final Fantasy Fan

In movies, beautiful girls are seen as obsessed with their looks while the plain-looking girls are into geeky stuff like reading comic books and playing video games. But it’s already 2016 and this is the real world, and there are plenty of beautiful women (in society’s standards) who proudly call themselves geeks. And one of them is Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach.

Yesterday, Reddit hosted an IAmA (I am a) forum, where netizens from all over the world could ask the reigning Miss Universe any question. The IAmA is a popular subreddit where famous people like Barack Obama, Madonna, Bill Gates, Psy, Chris Hadfield (an astronaut who answered questions from the International Space Station), Stan Lee, Peter Dinklage, and Neil deGrasse Tyson could interact with their fans.

So while people asked Wurtzbach about her opinion on yoga pants, if girls from outer space could join Miss Universe, and the best advice she has received, user katykatekates asked what her favorite Final Fantasy game is. According to katykatekates:

Hi Pia! Congratulations and I would like to say thank you for being an inspiration. You are living proof that one should never give up on your dreams. And you play Final Fantasy as well. You, I like you. You deserve all your blessings and plenty more to come!

I would like to know who’s your favorite FF character? And what other video games do you play on your spare time?


And Wurtzbach proved just how much of a geek she is:


Finally, somebody asks me a questions like this! I’ve been asked about Steve Harvey all the time and about Miss Universe. Let’s talk about Final Fantasy!

I started with Final Fantasy VIII. Not a lot of people like VIII because they usually start with FFVII. But I started with VIII because I’m a girl and I fell for the love story.

My favorite character…that’s a tough one… is Quistis. The one with the whip. I like her. And my favorite GF, you know when they summon the GF, is Shiva. She’s my favorite. Then I do the boost, as well, so I get more damage. I love Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. I finished all of Kingdom Hearts with no GameShark.


For those who are not familiar, GameShark is a brand of cheat cartridges for video games. Yes, Wurtzch managed to finish Kingdom Hearts without cheating. User JimmyAxel said it best:


Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach Reveals That She is a Final Fantasy Fan 2


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