Miss Bella: Your One-Stop-Shop For Your Beauty and Organizing Needs

WHEN IN MANILA, there are two things that every woman aspires to be; to be beautiful and to be organized. But with deadlines that are just impossible to postpone and early morning meetings/classes after a long night, it’s just logically impossible to stay beautiful with dreadful breakouts and huge eye bags and at the same time be organized when you’re pulling out random pieces of clothing because your 4 am alarm failed to wake you up.

I was that girl. Studying in one of the toughest if not the toughest university in the country, Pulling all-nighters are a part of my daily routine.  With papers here and there, long tests that are complete energy-drainers, and midterms that are virtually impossible to pass, breakouts and messy closets and dressers are inevitable. That was until I met Miss Bella.

Miss Bella is an online store that offers cosmetics that could make anyone beautiful and organizers that I’ve recently learned are a definite must, Miss Bella is an absolute one-stop-shop for females everywhere.

Among all the Miss Bella products that could put a huge hole in your wallets, here are some of my faves.






Accessorizing is one of the main reasons why I’m always running out the door with a huge bagel stuffed inside my mouth trying to catch the train for my 7:30 class. That is why I’m head over heels in love with Miss Bella’s ring organizer. Now, all I have to do is slide open my accessory cabinet and choose what I want to wear. No tossing needed.






I’m the type of girl who has literally over 50 lip shades which could turn out to be such a pain in the ass every morning. With Miss Bella’s lipstick organizer, I can instantly see all my lippies and use what would go well with my outfit.






For mornings when my face is just a huge mess, I love using Miss Bella’s contour palette which could instantly brighten up your face. No face lifts necessary.






For a girl who loves everything in excess, Miss Bella’s 120 color palette is a gift from the make-up gods. So whether you’re going for a more natural look, a sexy smoky eye, or something bright and playful, Miss Bella has got it for you.

So if being beautiful and staying organized is one of your New Year’s resolution for the year 2013, check out Miss Bella for your beauty and organizing needs.

Miss Bella


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Miss Bella: Your One-Stop-Shop For Your Beauty and Organizing Needs


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