Mind’s Eye: A Play That Will Move Your Heart and Your Imagination!


When in Manila and you’re dying to travel to distant lands using the power of the mind, there’s only one thing to do — watch Mind’s Eye. Mind’s Eye is the new play taking the theater world by storm with its unique story and unconventional style. It first ran its production last year and the reception has been very positive, with National Artist F. Sionil Jose saying it is “the triumph of the creative imagination over a grim reality… I recommend this play to devotees of the theater, our dedicated youth, and old teachers and hacks like myself.”

The play is just one of the many productions the local theater scene is producing. Mind’s Eye is based on an award-winning novel of the same name, written by Paul Fleischman. The book explores the power of the mind through the the relationship between Elva, an 88-year old woman, and Courtney, a teenager. The two meet in a nursing home when Courtney is paralyzed from the waist down after an accident. What follows is a fantasy journey through the lands of Italy, exploring the art and culture of Naples, Florence, and Rome. 

Mind's Eye (13)

 A photo from last year’s production of Mind’s Eye


“The most unusual thing about the play is that we are going on a trip to Italy with no visual aid. We must take the audience along on a trip to Italy,” said Joy Virata, a seasoned actress who takes on the role of Elva. “What I like about it is the message of literature, reading, the art and how important that is in our lives.”

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