Milktea? Nah, Ante. Has Something Fresh!

Most tea brands we know (and love!) use a lot of unhealthy sugar. Quench your thirst with something different – Ante.

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Lorenzo Vega, Founder of Ante. wants to challenge the lifestyle of the youth and make something fresh. “Recognizing that the market is saturated with tea brands that use inauthentic ingredients and are overloaded with sugar, we deliberately went back to basics to create a product that is 100% honest and respectful of the tea-making process”.

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Lorenzo Vega, Founder of Ante.

They do stay true to what they say: they make their tea fresh in front of you. No sugar, no syrup, no bad things. Just pure, natural fresh fruits, herbs, and quality tea! Lorenzo said that they have traveled to source only the finest tea leaves and tea blends. After experimenting with different tea blends and consulting with tea experts, Ante. has finally arrived to their signature three item menu.

Why stick with just three, though? They want to serve the fresh and the best. Just three bestsellers to choose from, no wandering off from the menu for 10 minutes and wondering what to order.

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Blacker Berry (Php150)

For black tea lovers. this strong wake-me-up tea is mixed with sweet strawberries, lemons, and mint for a refreshing combo.

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Sunday Candy (Php50)

Love sweets? Choose this. It mixes red tea with strawberry, lemon, and mint to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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Ultralight Green (Php150)

If you don’t want something strong or sweet, then go for this. It has a light and mild taste, thanks to the combination of green tea, apple, orange, lemon, and mint.

Still looking for something different? Shake things up and add a shot of booze for Php100. You might not even feel the kick of the alcohol because of how good it tastes!

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Ante. serves refreshing cold brew tea. Real fresh fruits, real tea, real herbs. They are pushing the culture forward and dare to be different.



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