[IN PHOTOS] Dinner In The Sky Takes Fine Dining to a Whole New Level

Kuala Lumpur skyline at night

The thrilling culinary experience has finally landed in the Philippines! Dinner in the Sky has chosen Solaire Resort and Casino as their venue partner, which is exactly fitting for this unique experience.

Dinner in the Sky literally takes fine dining to a whole new level – 150 feet above the ground! Whatever you do, don’t look down. I repeat, do not look down, not unless you want to feel a sense of panic matched with exhilaration, of course. Every second of dining in the sky is indeed a feast for your senses – exquisite food prepared by a world-renowned chef, superb service by the whole team up in the sky (all the chefs are very engaging and entertaining), spectacular bird’s eye view of the Manila sunset, skyline and city lights, surprisingly cool summer breeze, and spine-tingling dining chairs that swivel and recline while you are way up high.

Below are some of the photos from our memorable dining experience:

Come early. Guests are advised to come at least one (1) hour before your departure time. Business Class and First Class diners get to enjoy champagne and wine at the Dinner In The Sky Philippines lounge before the flight. Just make sure to use the restroom before boarding.

“All guests are recommended to use the restroom prior to taking their seats. However, if there is an emergency and you need to use the restroom during your flight, the table can be lowered down. We do not recommend this though, as the other guests will have to wait for you before being lifted into the air again.” – Dinner in the Sky

Get to know your fellow diners and make new friends. It’ll make the whole 1-hour affair more fun as you cheer for an exemplary dining experience and dance to the cheerful music nearing the end.

You will definitely be taking photos up there, but please be reminded that there is absolutely nothing to catch your gadgets so better change your camera’s battery before going up and use cellphone ring/loop holders to secure your phones. (My son’s toy strap is very useful for this occasion)

Footwear tip: Wear closed shoes or shoes with straps. As you can see, I’m short and I can’t even reach the footstool. (Look at how tiny the people are from the top!)

I have to mention that the chairs can swivel to the left and right and even recline to your delight!

I highly recommend reclining your chair at least once to take a memorable photo like this one. You can even recline your chair as you are all being lifted to the top (and dare to take a peek down below while at it).

TIP: Ladies, bring a hair clip or a hair tie to hold your hair. It can be really windy up there.

Take time to enjoy how the chefs carefully prepare your dinner right in front of you.

The course menu is standard for everyone with your choice of the main course. Show your appreciation to the chefs, cheer for them, and have a great time.

FOOD: “Unfortunately, we do not allow any changes to it once your booking is confirmed.” – Dinner in the Sky

Food is guaranteed to be astounding as world-renowned chefs like South African Chef Hylton Le Roux of Waterside (Solaire Resort and Casino) take you on a gastronomic adventure.

You may also check out their site, dinnerinthesky.ph, to know which chef is going to be with you and what meals are in store for you.

Chefs in the sky: Chef Hylton Le Roux and Chef Patricia Jimena

I know it takes a lot of effort but please try to put your phones down and just enjoy the food, the company, the breeze, and the amazing view.

TIP: Bring a selfie pod for the best Instagrammable shot or ask the team to take a photo of you. They’ll be more than happy to do so.

Kudos to the Chefs in the Sky for the memorable Dinner in the Sky. Special thanks to MMI Live and Solaire Resort and Casino for bringing Dinner in the Sky to the Philippines.

Dinner in the Sky will be in Manila from April to May  2018 only. Don’t miss this one of a kind experience. Book your seats now at https://dinnerinthesky.ph. Packages start at Php 9990 per pax.

Please do read their FAQ section for more details.

TIP: The best time slot is 5:30 pm where you get to enjoy the breathtaking sunset as you go up and be in love with the beautiful skyline and city lights while you go down.




Esplanade, Solaire Resort and Casino, Entertainment City, Paranaque, Metro Manila


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