Milkshakes in Manila: Find the Thickest and Yummiest at Starr’s Famous Shakes!

When in Manila, beating the heat with a nice cold milkshake seems to be the most sensible thing to do. And while some restaurants offer a small selection of milkshakes on their menu, no place is actually entirely dedicated to serving up the frothy treat… until now, that is! Manila, meet Starr’s Famous Shakes: part milkshake bar, part college kid hangout, and the answer to your craziest milkshake cravings!

They look even yummier all lined up like that *drool* 



Milkshakes like you’ve never had them at Starr’s Famous Shakes Milkshake Bar

Like all great things, I’ve learned about Starr’s Famous Shakes from the internet. Being huge milkshake fans with considerably sizeable sweet teeth, my friends and I just had to drag our southern bums up north at Katipunan to try out the famed milkshakes ourselves. Very few things are worth a long and tiring commute, let me tell you that Starr’s milkshakes is one of those! It was definitely love at first sip, the kind where all you could utter was an occasional “Mmmm..” between slurping, cause you ran out of words to describe how awesome the milkshakes were.

TWIX MILKSHAKE. It had real Twix chocolate bits! This is part of Starr’s Special off-the-menu milkshake selection.  (Php 95.00)


Starr’s Neil Armstrong Milkshake is named such because of its all-white color; it’s like an astronaut in a space suit!  This out-of-this-world treat is made with sugary white chocolate, vanilla ice cream, and mini marshmallows. (Php 95.00)


I did my shake a flavor and added cheesecake bits to my Caramel and Cookie Dough milkshake (Php 95.00). You can’t have too much of a good thing!



Owners JV Duque and Kitty del Castillo opened Starr’s Famous Shakes with the idea of reviving the classic A&W milkshakes of the 80’s. This idea has spawned the creation of an assortment of milkshakes with the dreamiest flavor concoctions. If flavors like Strawberry Cheesecake, Caramel Cookie Dough, and Choco Hazelnut and Mallows don’t get you drooling, I don’t know what will! These are just some of Starr’s VIP Milkshake flavors. You can also Do Your Shake a Flavor and mix in or top your milkshake with mint chocolate, almonds, bananas, Oreos, and other yummy toppings. For the health conscious and lactose-intolerant, fret not! Starr’s Famous Shakes also have some of their milkshakes in yogurt-based (for lower lactose content) and smoothie-based (for less sugar and fat content) varieties.

Starr’s Almost Famous Chicken Sandwich (Php 85.00)  Their very own take on the “secret recipe” chicken; served with crunchy x-cut fries and slaw.


Slammer Jammer Dogs (Php 85.00)  A juicy German Frank, chunky sloppy Joe and tomato relish make a great combo.


Wedge ‘n Wings (Php  125.00)  These glazed chicken wings are a more savory kind of sweet!


Mini Corndogs (Php 45.00) These bite-sized treats are made with Starr’s home-made cornmeal batter.



Munchies to go with your Milkshakes

Not only does Starr’s Famous Shakes serve up some ridiculously delicious milkshakes, they also have some great munchies to snack on! Their Almost Famous Chicken Sandwich is a very convincing rendition of a particular finger lickin’ good chicken recipe, while their Slammer Jammer Dogs are made extra special with German franks packed sloppy Joe and tomato relish. Their super fluffy Mini Corndogs and sweet and tangy Wedge ‘n Wings combos are worth a try too!

These are just some of the toppings you can add on to your milkshake.


Pop art on the walls! Guess the star sippin’ on Starr’s famous shakes. 


They also serve fresh frozen yogurt! (Php 55.00)



Since opening their doors early this year, Starr’s Famous Shakes have had a following of both young and old, all out to satisfy their raring sweet teeth! We’re still hoping they’d open up a store here in Makati (or anywhere within southern proximity) but until then, I guess you’ll just have to make the trek up north to enjoy these amazingly thick and yummy milkshakes When in Manila.

Ecstatic from the sugar rush! Now we have enough energy to make the commute home (LOL)


Starr’s Famous Shakes Milkshake Bar

G/F Unit A-01 Xavier Residences, 48 E. Abada cor R. Alvero Sts., Loyola Heights, Quezon City






Milkshakes in Manila: Find the Thickest and Yummiest at Starr’s Famous Shakes!


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