Michelle Madrigal is having her Breast Implants Removed

One of the most sought-after celebrities of her generation, Michelle Madrigal was really one of the sexiest celebrities in showbiz. Now that she is living in the United States, Michelle is focusing on her family and fitness.

Michelle is now more known as a fitness enthusiast who specializes in pre and post-natal workouts. She shares her workouts online to help those who are seeking to live a healthier lifestyle or for the mom’s who want to go back to their pre-pregnancy weight or just lose the weight they have gained.

In an Instagram post, Michelle shared that she is excited to have an explant surgery.

She shares that the implants no longer serve her and she got them 12 years ago.

In her youtube video, she shared that she wanted bigger boobs because she was insecure growing up. She was always compared to her sister Ehra Madrigal who had bigger breasts.

“I was just not really content with my own body, you know”, she said.

She said that she had a few aches on her breasts and when she researched it. It was one of the reasons why she considered getting her implants removed since it may lead to health problems in the future.

She will be having her surgery with Dr. Patrick Hsu of Memorial Plastic Surgery.

“I wanna be healthy when I’m 50, so I can still hang out with Anika and not be sick, and just live life without any foreign device in my system and just enjoy me”, she added.

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