Mezza Norte Food Hub at the North

WhenInManila, “where and what to eat?” is the most common question to anyone’s conscious mind.Most definitely, due to mushrooming food hubs, anyone can just easily satisfy ones cravings or find something to fill, and one of the most accessible places  to binge out at the North is at  Mezza Norte.

Mezza Norte is a food market now settled at the Trinoma Mall. It is place where you can most definitely find something to grab on most famished hours,from  4pm up until 3 in the morning during Fridays,Saturdays and Sundays. Also, to mention, they want to cater families so they open earlier than the other food markets under Mercato Centrale Philippines Incorporated such as Midnight Mercato at The Fort, Cucina Andare at Ayala and the new Levanto at Eastwood.


I,myself find food markets a good place because selections are crazy abundant. Ranging from delicacies, new finds and what not. Mezza Norte has over 50 stalls to choose from!

DSCF0463-001a (1)

Crispy Republic

Ilonggo favorite crispies such as crablets, tawilis, chicken skin, and baked mussels and oysters


DSCF0510-001aChef Bob’s Sisig 

Chef Bob’s Veggie Meat is a good find for those who want to enjoy sisig without the undying fats


Pinoys’ favorite grills are also available at Mezza Norte

Food Markets are also a place for newbie entrepreneurs, specially the young ones, so expect some good twists on some of  the menus…


Eating inside the truck is more fun


 Chicken Choppers

I love the flavoured chicken picks topped with crispy basil



Chef Ivory of Master Chef Pinoy Edition has a stall also in Mezza Norte called The Sultry Chef


The Sultry Chef by Ivory

Tuyo pasta which was the audition piece of Chef Ivory in Master Chef Pinoy Edition and her mom’s  roasted chicken

DSCF0502-001Bagnet Paella at Flavor Avenue


So WhenInManila, and you really want to binge out or just want to try something new, might as well go to food markets like Mezza Norte for a great selection of food!



M   E   Z   Z   A      N   O   R   T   E

Trinoma, Mindanao open parking lot, corner of Mindanao and North ave., Quezon City, Philippines

Fri – Sun: 4:00 pm – 3:00 am



Written by: Marinette Panganiban of

Photos by: Joanne Catherine Tan of


Mezza Norte Food Hub at the North


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