Megamax: Get 4 Delicious Flavors of Tiramisu in 1 Set

Whether you are looking for a sweet holiday box to give as gifts this holiday season or simply want to indulge in your favorite tiramisu, Megamax has got you covered.

Megamax Christmas Set Box

Photo from Megamax

Sisters Maegan and Maxine started Megamax (the name of which is a fusion of their own names) at the beginning of quarantine to share their passion and love for their all-time favorite dessert: tiramisu. They were looking for a tiramisu that isn’t soggy at the bottom while still being moist, and cream that is creamy, but not too airy that the taste of mascarpone vanished. When they couldn’t find this, they decided to make their own, and they’ve been doing it ever since we were 15.

Check out the flavors that they have:

Megamax Classic Tiramisu

Photo from Megamax

Classic Mascarpone Tiramisu (Personal: Php600 / Family: Php1,300)

Their classic mascarpone tiramisu consists of coffee-soaked savoiardi and luscious mascarpone cream and topped with chocolate chunks and cocoa powder. It has the right balance of cream, softness, and wetness at the bottom – delectable!

Megamax Matcha Tiramisu

Photo from Megamax

Matcha Mascarpone Tiramisu (Personal: Php700 / Family: Php1,400)

Their matcha mascarpone tiramisu consists of uji matcha soaked savoiardi layered with mascarpone cream and topped with belgian white chocolate chunks and even more uji matcha. Matcha lovers are going to looooove this! The matcha flavor really sticks out but isn’t overwhelming in any way.

Megamax Chocolate Tiramisu

Photo from Megamax

Chocolate Mascarpone Tiramisu (Personal: Php750 / Family: Php1,400)

Their chocolate tiramisu consists of savoiardi that is soaked in a rich cocoa mixture and mascarpone cream. It’s sandwiched in between two layers of chocolate ganache and topped with Hershey’s chocolate. For those with a sweet tooth, this is the perfect choice.

Megamax Hojicha Tiramisu

Photo from Megamax

Their hojicha tiramisu is a special Christmas flavor that’s only available in the set. It consists of hojicha dipped savoiardi and mascarpone cream and is topped with a rich and roasty hojicha jam and chocolate chunks. An unknown flavor to my tastebuds, I found myself falling in love with this flavor from first bite!

Megamax Christmas Set

Photo from Megamax

Quattro-misu: Php1,400

This holiday season, you can get all flavors of Megamax’s tiramisu in one box. You can even customize the flavors with pre-ordered sets, though I’d highly recommend trying the hojicha one since it’s a special flavor. Plus, it was my 10-year-old daughter’s favorite flavor in the bunch, which really surprised me since she isn’t very open to trying unfamiliar flavors. She devoured the entire thing on her own!

I am a HUGE fan of tiramisu and I have tried all sorts of variants of it during quarantine. However, when I tasted all four flavors of Megamax, I still found myself completely blown away. All of their variants have very distinct flavors and all of them are downright addicting. Every time I took a spoonful, I’d find myself taking another…

and another… and another… until surprise! I ended up eating an entire box in one sitting.

They’re just so good! Time to order now!





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