Megadeth Live in Manila! July 28 at the World Trade Center


Megadeth Live in Manila! July 28 at the World Trade Center




this simple information sign belied the weight of the event it represents



After storming through the music scene, adulated as one of the founders of the American Thrash Metal movement and renowned as a Heavy Metal Pioneer, When in Manila served witness as Megadeth finally graced our shores.





Media outfits from all the major networks eagerly awaited the metal legends’ arrival



Founded in 1983 by virtuoso guitarist/songwriter Dave Mustaine and bassist David Effelson, Megadeth has since sold 30 million albums worldwide, in a career that spans three decades, thirteen albums, and 10 Grammy nominations.





the wait was over!, Dave Mustaine led his bandmates to sit with the awe-inspired press



At the press conference for Megadeth’s concert in Manila, that also served as the kick-off of their tour to promote their thirteenth album aptly titled “13” at the Sofitel Luxury Hotel, Dave Mustaine was surprisingly engaging and always had witty retorts to queries pushed by the equally prepared media. In contrast, co-founder Ellefson was the calm and collected presence in the press gab.





true to form, the press came prepared







Dave Mustaine led Megadeth in answering press queries





Megadeth was all that any true-blooded fan could hope for. And true to the band’s sound and belief, Megadeth was an awe-inspiring presence for the duration of the media call.





Megadeth gamely posing for the starstrucked attendee






The long wait, spanning almost two generations is finally over. When in Manila catch Megadeth live at the World Trade Center, Pasay City on July 28, Sunday.


Tickets available through SM Tickets at 470-2222 or visit www.smtickets.com for inquiries and reservations.



Megadeth Live in Manila! July 28 at the World Trade Center