MEGA Fashion Crew: The High Street Fashion Challenge

MEGA Fashion Crew , a reality fashion TV show aims to find who will make it big in the fashion industry.  In other words, those who are defiantly worthy of the people’s admiration When In Manila– the next top photographer, fashion stylist, make-up artist, hair stylist and female model is going to be unleashed soon. It may be another best among the best competition wherein one has to prove that they are the NEXT big thing.

In a world where more and more people seem to be dressing in the same way, a fashion warrior must dare to be different. Having to witness the actual drama brought me a different light as what you see on the boob tube is incomparable to its actuality.  Executive Group Creative Director Suki Salvador says, “Backstage is the new front stage” and this show is directed to offer people a unique peek into the fashion industry.

In this episode called High Street Fashion, the contestants are up once again for another grueling fashion shoot. Their fashion choices and attitude will either make or break them.  Everyone has their own different approach, it doesn’t really matter if they go along well with their team mates, in my opinion, the finished product matters most. In simple equation, if one got the right attitude, everything should be spontaneous- the talent, the authenticity, the strive to perfection. Being fashionably challenged, I have witnessed that a few of the teams had difficulty showcasing High Street Fashion theme. Bring on the challenge!

One of the great things about Manila is that more things are happening, even within a small neighborhood, at any moment than any human can comprehend. The High Street Fashion photography allows us to freeze one of those moments and study all of the small dramas that were taking place.

Believe you me when I say it ain’t easy as pie. Armed with my own camera and shooting like a mad dog , made me realize one thing. If one has the passion, everything just flows placidly. The MEGA Fashion Crew effectively showcases purportedly unscripted dramatic situations, documents actual events, and highlights these people sense of fashion and professionalism. I felt I was also one of the aspiring contestants, on the photographer category, of course. Having the theme High Street Fashion , groups were dispersed into the streets to come up with their respective presentation. I was actually more focused on how the contestants handled not the shoot itself, but the way they handled the unexpected forces shooting from the streets is what amazed me more. Literally takes a lot more ounce of courage, as I myself felt its intensity.


Public utility jeeps, cabs and cars, even six-wheeler trucks were no joke. My companion even reminded me a couple of times of either vehicles passing by while taking my shots or that I was already an inch closer to rolling down the basement car park . I was so engrossed and a few noticed how serious I was when it comes to dealing with photography.  Some groups even had the brilliant idea of having the construction workers’ cooperation in helping them with their shoots. The weather wasn’t really as friendly when I went, it was chilly yet humid, makes the shoot much more difficult.  The team that survives shooting on the city streets will emerge as the victors for this specific challenge. Again, the high street fashion challenge will determine who stays and who leaves. Those who find the right route are deserving to still be in the race to be Mega’s Top Fashion Crew.

Episode 8 High Street Fashion will also showcase 50th Avenue’s 1st Anniversary Campaign. The final looks will be featured at 50th Avenue’s display window. Another first is that the guest mentor will double as the guest judge. In this challenge, high street fashion will determine who stays and who leaves. Those who find the right route deserve to still be in the race to be Mega’s Top Fashion Crew.



Fortunately you don’t have to work in the world of fashion to look and feel great When In Manila. If fashion rules your heart, by all means go for it. The MEGA Fashion Crew will serve you the fashion tips and treats; it can be your channel to your new venture in fashion.

MEGA Magazine invites you to witness yet another milestone in the publishing-television industry.  Catch MEGA Fashion Crew every Saturday 7pm, with replays on Sundays, 10am only on ETC.

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