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MEGA Make-over, Fashion Crew Edition

A bigger, bolder, better MEGA Fashion Crew was revealed in its fourth installment that aired on Saturday, August 20. A total make-over would be an understatement. It was more of a “make-better” episode.


From the get-go, a more glamorous opening billboard and a sleeker, more stylish set greeted the viewers.



Mega-Fashion-Crew-TV-ETC-WhenINManila-Mega-Magazine-Publication (2)

The spanking new set of MEGA Fashion Crew




According to MEGA Fashion Crew host and judge Sari Yap, “In MEGA, no one uses the term ‘make-over’. Instead, we say ‘make-better’. It simply means to make something better”.


She further explained that everyone can be good. But sometimes, we need to present that goodness in a different perspective, in a way that can help one be better than everyone.


In line with the show’s new look, the fashion crew contenders also underwent a make-better. MEGA Fashion Crew mentors Suki Salvador and Meryll Yan challenged the participants’ determination and pushed them to their limits, proving that there’s still much room for growth.


There has never been a better time for a make-better for the challengers, as they also encountered what may be the first of many conflicts they will be facing, something they need to get used to to survive in this industry.



Mega-Fashion-Crew-TV-ETC-WhenINManila-Mega-Magazine-Publication (1)

Top fashion designer Avel Bacudio and Top Fashion Blogger and Icon Divine Lee shed a tear or two during the eliminations




A week before, MEGA asked the challengers to send them their photos for an online promotional campaign. However, the contestants reacted negatively to the request and expressed dissatisfaction by posting uncalled for comments on MEGA Fashion Crew’s group page. The comment caught the attention of the MEGA Fashion Crew mentors. Soon after, a comment thread formed in response to this comment.


Incidentally, fashion stylist Tsard Chua, the one who initiated the post, was eliminated. Also, makeup artist Sam Unson-Gallardo left the competition because of her son’s medical condition.


MEGA Fashion Crew judges got teary eyed as Gallardo bid farewell. Even guest judge, fashion icon and blogger, Divine Lee.


After last Saturday’s episode, only 30 challengers remained in the running to become a part of MEGA’s Top Fashion Crew.


Don’t miss the adrenaline rush and the drama that takes place behind the scenes of a high-fashion shoot. Because this season, back stage is the new front stage.



Mega-Fashion-Crew-TV-ETC-WhenINManila-Mega-Magazine-Publication (3)

Director Alco Guerrero shows MEGA Creative Director Suki Salvador how it is all done



Catch Generation MEGA Season 2: MEGA Fashion Crew every Saturdays 7pm and replays on Sundays, 11am only on ETC.


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Mega Fashion Crew on ETC: Fashion Reality TV Show



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