Meet Mic Chan, the Motivational Speaker and Real Estate Expert Advocating for the Success of Filipinos

If we told you that anyone can be a millionaire, including you, would you believe it? A bold statement like this would sometimes be hard to believe, but the reality is, it is true. With perseverance and the right mindset, anyone can make their own fortune.

This is the advocacy of Mic Chan, a Filipino real estate expert, motivational speaker, and author of “The Adventure Millionaire.” He wants Filipinos to know and believe that they, too, can be millionaires. That anyone can. After all, he did it. So he believes that you can, too. And it has become his mission to help you get there.

Mic Chan Profile

Mic Chan

Mic Chan has been in the business of real estate for over 14 years. But his hustle started way before that, when he first got the passion for selling at the ripe age of 16. Always driven and had the knack for business, young Mic started selling everything he could—supplements, air conditioners, computers, caps, shoes, t-shirts, perfumes, cellphones, and even slippers. But as with all the best success stories, the journey was not easy. Mic shared that there were many bumps on the road. He failed at 14 business attempts. He also tried networking but didn’t get any luck there. But his spirit never faltered, and at the age of 23, he finally hit the jackpot and earned his first million—through real estate.

Ten years and many properties later, Mic decided to take a break and travel the world. It was during this journey that inspiration hit him. He realized that he could do so much more with the experience and knowledge he has. And that’s when his advocacy for sharing the secrets to success with Filipinos started. Called The Adventure Millionaire, Mic uses this slogan-turned-book to inspire Filipinos to not be afraid to dream big and act big.

Mic Chan Megaworld

Mic Chan and his real estate colleagues at Megaworld. Corporation Photo courtesy of Mic Chan

We spoke to Mic Chan to ask him about his journey, work, and advocacy. Here are some snippets from our interview:

Q. How did you first get into real estate? What pushed you to it?

Mic: “Newspaper! I remember. It was in October 2006 when I saw something about real estate in ads. That’s how I hit my jackpot. I started as a rookie of the month. I was really chasing for success! At that time, I think I already experienced thousands of rejections in selling.”

Q. When or how did you really start flourishing as a real estate broker? How did you “crack the code”?

Mic: “Just belief. It’s the most important thing that a person should have. There can be miracles if you believe, like that Mariah Carey song! In the bible you could move mountains if you have faith. Plus, the harder you work, the luckier you get. Do everything to reach your dreams. Don’t stop.”

Mic Chan Features

The Adventure Millionaire, as featured on magazines. Photo courtesy of Mic Chan

Q. Tell us about the concept “Adventure Millionaire”. How did you get the idea for this? 

Mic: “The concept was formed when I started traveling. I realized that I was also inputting my wisdom and knowledge into my travels. Why Adventure Millionaire? Because being a millionaire is also a journey. It doesn’t happen in a day or overnight. And yes, success takes time, but also remember to enjoy it. If you put your heart and mind to it, you can really succeed. If you read any five success books, the common denominator is always putting your mind to it. That’s because your thoughts create your reality.

We all have equal chances. I am also a human being, and everyone starts with nothing. Like my grandma, she’s no-read no-write. She isn’t a graduate or anything. But by hardwork, selling in the palengke, she became a millionaire. Being a graduate of a good school will not guarantee success. Hard work can.”

Mic Chan Travels

Mic Chan on his travels. Photo courtesy of Mic Chan

Q. What is your mission behind doing mentorship/motivational talks?

Mic: “Because I find happiness when I see people become successful. Did you know that many people feel empty even they achieve so much success? There’s a saying that happiness will lead you to success but success will not lead you to happiness. So that’s why I do what I do. I’ve already found success, so now I’m finding my happiness through my passion and purpose. I feel these are gifts that I should use by sharing with others.”

Q. What’s next for Mic Chan?

Mic: “I want to help create 100 to 1,000 millionaires and more. I want to help provide jobs and income for Filipinos, and help them provide for their family. I know, alone, I cannot save the planet. But by educating and sharing what I know then maybe, together, we can win as Filipinos.”

Mic Chan does motivational talks, workshops, and one-on-one mentorships for real estate. Follow him at @AdventureMillionaire on Instagram and Facebook, or get in touch with him through email at

*Interview responses were edited for clarity and length.

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