Meet Clover, the First All-Filipino Idol Girl Group Fully Trained by a Korean Label

Watch out, another Filipino idol group is debuting soon!

Introducing Clover, a girl group that is set to make waves across the country with their fantastic songs and fun dances. Formed under KP Entertainment, Clover is the very first all-Filipino girl group to be fully trained and managed by a Korean label.

Potential fans (which they call Lucky Charms) don’t have to wait long to see what this group is made of. They will be releasing their first single, “Kumakabog-kabog (Pounding Heart) (맘이맘이),” on March 20 — the teaser of which you can find below.

Clover consists of four members: Jade (leader), Mia (main rapper), L.A. (rapper) and Yuni (main vocal).

Currently, KP Entertainment has signed a partnership with Viva Records so expect to see more of this group this year!

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Can’t wait to see more? Check out their dance cover of KARA’s Mamma Mia:

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