Massage MNL: Specialised Home Service Massages for a Better you

I have always been on the lookout for good massages. With long hours sitting down in front of my computer and with circuit training, my body has always been aching. Sometimes, a simple Swedish or Thai massage doesn’t really cut it. Luckily, I saw Massage MNL on Instagram.

Though I always go to massage parlors, home service is the way to go for me, so I can just go ahead and sleep afterwards.

Massage MNL has prenatal, postnatal, lactation, lymphatic drainage, sports massage, kiddie, baby, Swedish, combination, foot reflex, deep tissue, ventosa, and hot stone massages on offer. These aren’t the usual services that massage parlors offer.

Pre-natal is best for moms-to-be. Who says you can’t get a massage while you are pregnant? It is, in fact, the best time to get one. See, due to a momma’s growing belly, her back and legs can tend to ache; and the prenatal massage is the best bet for a relaxing time.

Post-natal massages, on the other hand, are for moms who just gave birth. It alleviates muscle pain and other body pains that a new mom might have. They can also get a lactation massage, which helps increase milk production and decrease breast pain.

A lymphatic massage can help your body get rid of waste and toxins. Afterwards, you will be able to sleep really well. Some diseases have lymphatic fluid buildup, and this massage can help.

I also love the sports massage that my significant other always gets. It helps his stiff muscles relax, and effectively gets rid of ‘lamig’. The massage also helps prevents injuries, so that’s another plus!

Aside from the special massages, they also have the regular ones that can help you get a deep relaxing sleep. Self-care is something you should focus on, and massages can help you with that, even helping you become a better you.

Massage MNL

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