Mariel Defends Robin Padilla On “Ballot Controversy”

Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla took to social media to defend husband Robin Padilla, after he was allegedly seen posing with a ballot come election time.

Taking photos of your ballot and/or ballot receipt is a criminal offense.

Mariel stressed that the ballot Robin was seen holding in the photo was in fact, a sample ballot. Robin is ineligible to participate in the voting process.

This is due to the fact that Robin was incarcerated in the past.

Mariel posted:

people should be more careful. they shouldn’t assume! IT WAS A SAMPLE BALLOT!!! we call this the Trillanes Syndrome… no evidence all talk. if anyone can prove that Robin Padilla went to a precinct, voted and took photos of his ballot I will help you convict him. I am that sure that Robin didn’t do that… why? because ROBIN PADILLA CAN NOT VOTE!!!!

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