March 21’s supermoon will be the last of the year

March’s supermoon may not be the biggest one of the year (that honor fell to February’s super snow moon) but it will complete the “supermoon trifecta” of 2019. It also takes place on the same day as the Spring equinox, making it doubly special. Due to this, some have taken to calling it the ‘Super Worm Equinox Moon’.

super snow moon 12

The last time a super moon coincided with the Spring equinox was in 2000, making this the first of that particular cosmic coincidence in 19 years. The next one will take place in 2030. The equinox signals the equal length of day and night.

According to PAGASA, the moon will shine brightest from dawn to early morning. It will reach its full phase at 9:42 am. In case you’re not likely to be awake, don’t worry — the moon will still be shining brightly when it goes back up on the evening of March 21, albeit a bit muted.

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