IN PHOTOS: These 15 amazing shots captured the ‘biggest and brightest’ moon of 2019

February 19’s ‘Super Snow Moon’ was said to be the most vivid the moon will get this year. This is because the moon was experiencing what is called lunar perigee. This basically means the moon’s orbit had reached its closest point to earth (at 356,800km or 221,700 miles, for those interested).

We previously alerted you to this astrological event but in case you had to miss it (or just didn’t have the equipment to fully appreciate it like me), don’t worry. Our readers quickly came to the rescue by sharing their own astonishing photos so let’s live vicariously through them!

The first is from Jayson Gabriel Garcia. Can you believe how icy the moon looks?

super snow moon 6


These photos from Myro Diaz and Mikhail Santos really have the moon owning its ‘Snow Moon’ title:

super snow moon 2

Photo from Myro Diaz 

super snow moon 1

Photo from Mikhail Santos

Justin Joachim Legaspi took this great landscape shot that makes the moon look a literal heavenly body:

super snow moon 7


It’s a pretty known fact that the sky outside of Metro Manila is just so much clearer, but these shots from Pasig City and Quezon City shows us there are ways to get around that!

super snow moon 8

Photo from Franz Maico 

super snow moon 3

Photo from Jon Limpo 

This shot from Jozelle Rosanes was actually taken on February 18 but astrologers say that this super moon actually spanned 2 nights: February 18 and 19!

super snow moon 11 1


Gary Nepomuceno’s wide-shot of the Makati skyline really puts things in persepective:

super snow moon 4


Avynne Knows showed off this shot from Borongan City in Eastern Samar. She was using an HD Optical Monocular  telescope lens attachment but I think the moon might just look better there then in Manila.

super snow moon 5

Is it just me or do these photos make the moon look like the Deathstar?

super snow moon 10

Photo from John Ramos 

super snow moon 12

Photo from Meldrick Fernandez

Joshua Relova seriously needs to let us know where he was able to capture this because even just the sky is breathtaking!

super snow moon 9


These tiny moons are just so cute!

Super Moon 13

Photo from Sean Calvo

Super Moon 15

Photo from Paola Aquino

Finally, this classic shot from Rey Tagum:

Super Moon 14


I was honestly in awe of these photos. If you were as well, then you won’t want to miss the next (and last!) super moon of 2019. Mark March 21 on your calendars so you don’t forget!

Share your own photos of the Super Snow Moon with us in the comments!