MAP: The World According to Filipinos

A satirical map created by Mr. White Patch showed the world according to Filipinos.

Obviously, it uses Filipino stereotypes.

For instance, on the map, we can see several places labeled “Kano” (a shortened version of Amerikano) because apparently, for us, all white people are “Kano.”

Australia represents kangaroo while New Zealand is milk. India is 5-6, which pertains to loan sharks. Japan is high-tech, due to their advanced technologies.

Funnily, Turkey is Yilmaz, for Yilmaz Bektas, Ruffa Gutierrez’s ex-husband.

The map was posted in 2012, so it needs a little updating.

Check out the map below.

World according to Filipinos

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Do you agree with this map? Why or why not?

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