Manila Is the “Most Loving” Capital City in the World, Study Shows

Manila is the “most loving” capital city in the world! It also reportedly has the most-loving residents in the Philippines, according to a study by Crossword-Solver.

While there are many ways to show love, they said that the easiest way of letting someone know you love them is by telling them. So they analyzed over 15 million geotagged tweets from different cities and countries, aiming to determine how many times each of them tweeted a term of endearment.

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Photo by Marfil Graganza Aquino

They scoured Twitter for variations of “love you,” such as “love u,” “<3 you,” plus other variations of the heart emoji followed by “u” and “you.” From there, they were able to calculate the proportion of “loving tweets” per 100k and discovered the locations that are “more loving than others.”

That is how they found out that 1,246 for every 100k tweets from Manila City expressed love, the highest rate among other capitals.

Rounding up the top 5 are Guatemala City, Guatemala; Luanda, Angola; Jakarta, Indonesia; and Mexico City, Mexico.

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Photo: Crossword-Solver

Findings from the study also included that:

  • The “most loving” country is Guatemala, counting 2,217 loving tweets per 100,000;
  • The “most loving” state in the United States is West Virginia (613 loving tweets per 100k);
  • The “most loving” US city is El Paso, Texas (521 loving tweets per 100k); and
  • Ireland is the country that struggles to express love the most, ranking last place in the world.

Furthermore, the website noted a 2013 poll that revealed 93% of people in the Philippines reported feeling “love” on a typical day. It was the highest proportion among other countries, proving that love is very much in the air in the country!

Know more about the full study here.

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