Manila Creamery: Tastiest Way to Beat Summer Heat (Win Gift Certificates Here!)

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That would probably be the line we’d be hearing frequently as summer approaches. With a temperature that can reach as high as 37 degrees, the weather in the Philippines can be really, really harsh. Which is why we, Filipinos, find all means possible to cope up with the intense heat.

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Some people would travel elsewhere that isn’t hot and some people would just prefer to stay at home because the sun is too hot for them to function. If you’re part of the latter, a gelato store in UP Town Center (UPTC) called Manila Creamery may convince you to go out and enjoy the sun.

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Ice creamor more specifically, gelatois one of the best ways to cool down. It’s also a tasty treat which makes it a summer favorite. You might not be convinced to go all the way to UPTC (their only branch for now), but Manila Creamery’s gelato is hands-down the best. If you need more reasons why you should try them out, it might interest you to know that their owner, Jason Go, went to Italy just to study the art of making gelato. With that in mind, you can expect their gelato to be really of quality.

Jason shared a few insights why gelato is more special than ice cream. First of all, gelato is churned or processed slower which results to a less airy product. It is more concentrated, thicker, and creamier. That makes the flavor really stand out and be a bit more filling to the stomach. As compared to ice creamwhich is made fasterthey’re lighter both in texture and flavor. That can explain why gelato is more expensive than ice cream.

Manila Creamery-9Different toppings of Manila Creamery

Now, to differentiate Manila Creamery from other gelato stores, they incorporated what they have learned in Italy into something more local. They made use of flavors unique to the Philippines using the best ingredients available. As their tagline suggests, Manila Creamery is indeed “Made the Manila way”. Their flavors include: Salted Egg Cheesecake (MUST-TRY!), Durian, Mangga’t Suman, Davao Chocolate (MUST-TRY!), Leche Flan, Ube Langka, Mindanao Milk, Tinutong na Kanin, and many more.

Manila CreameryMangga’t Suman

Aside from the gelato, they made use of their product by turning it into other crowd favorites. They have gelato shakes and coffee products like iced coffee, affogato, etc. For the shake, our favorite was the Ube Salted Egg and Brazo de Leche. If you’re into coffee, we recommend you get the affogato.

Manila Creamery-32Ube Salted Egg Shake

Manila Creamery-34Brazo de Leche Shake

With all of these goodies, UP Town Center might just be your new hang-out place this summer. Make your summer bearable with Manila Creamery and support local! You’d fall in love with our country more and more.


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