Bliss Please Ice Cream Delivery: No Need to Scream for Ice Cream, It’ll Come To You

The Philippines is a tropical country with a temperature that gets hot – so hot that you can immensely perspire even when you’re calmly sitting down. Add to that the terrible traffic in the metro especially on a pay-day-weekend! During days like these, what else do we need but some ice cream to cool ourselves with? Sounds good, yeah? Bliss Please Ice Cream Delivery is the answer!

Bliss Please Packaging

The inspiration to start Bliss Please Ice Cream delivery started with Ryan and Kenna Nidea’s love for ice cream. The couple would usually go to convenience stores and supermarkets to buy their ice cream fix. Due to the unpredictable weather and the distance of the stores to their house, Ryan and Kenna then thought, “why not have ice cream delivered to us?” With just one call away, you’d have it straight and fresh at the door step of your home or office. Yes, you read it right: Bliss Please Ice Cream Delivery. The first of its kind.

The mission? Bliss Please Ice Cream Delivery wants to let people experience the same convenience with their ice cream, but not sacrificing the quality and taste. “Bliss” means happiness, and with saying “Bliss Please” it’s like you want to get happiness right NOW. Their edge? Despite the travel time, the ice cream does not easily melt and is ready to eat upon arrival. You don’t need to refrigerate it again! Plus, the sizes of the ice cream packaging are good for groups of 10 to 20, which is an amazing thing to have during office meetings or birthday parties!

Bliss Please Ice Cream Delivery has five flavors: Coffee Almond Thrills, Cookies and Cream Tickle, Dark Choco Overjoyed, Avocado Heaven, and Strawberry Pleasure. The flavors are inspired by how you feel or what you do when you’re happy. You tickle each other when you’re happy, you feel thrilled, overjoyed, and you experience pleasure – like in heaven!

Strawberry Pleasure

In the tropics, yes, it’s summer time, all the time! What else will remind you of the cool breeze of Baguio? Strawberries! Strawberry Pleasure will give you the right amount of sweetness and loads of strawberry tid-bits that will bring you the same cool effect of Baguio.

Bliss Please_Strawberry (2)

Avocado Heaven

Not fond of chocolate-flavored dessert? Avocado Heaven will bring you close to home with every scoop of this amazing, creamy treat! Surprisingly, for someone who has a sweet tooth, this became my personal favorite among the five flavors. Why? It brought back memories of eating the flesh of freshly-picked avocado, mixed with milk and sugar.

Bliss Please_Avocado (2)

Dark Choco Overjoyed

A classic favorite among Filipinos, Dark Choco Overjoyed brings back memories of your childhood mornings with hot champorado! It is a good pick-me-upper in the mornings when you are unsure of getting something “bitter-sweet” or not.

Bliss Please_Dark choco

Cookies and Cream Tickle

The chocolate tid-bits with surely tickle your palate! This flavor is like chocolate overload, but with a twist!

Bliss Please_cookies and cream tickle

Coffee Almond Thrill

Coffee Almond Thrill is another best seller! Bliss Please is generous with the almond shavings and chocolate swirls which balance the taste and texture of this flavor. It’s close to the flavor of Baskin’ Robins’ Jamoca Almond Fudge.

Bliss_Please Coffee Almond

Considering the fast-paced lifestyle of consumers, there are only three easy steps to order Bliss Please Ice Cream: Order, wait, enjoy! With almost everything at your fingertips, you just have to call or text their “coldlines”, give the details of your order, and it will arrive at the given address. Rest assured that Bliss Please Ice Cream will not melt on its way.

“You will never know the result unless you try. Idea without execution is just a mere dream. No one becomes successful by just dreaming.”
– Ryan Nidea, CEO and President of Bliss Please Ice Cream Delivery

Bliss Please Ice Cream Delivery

Instagram: @BlissPleasePH
Coldlines: 815-97-39 | 0939-227-6901 | 0915-132-9604