Mango Baby Offers Mango Snow Mochi to Bring Us a Taste of Japan

Mango Baby offers mango sticky rice (read our mango sticky rice listicle here), but did you know that they also offer another delicious product?

Mango Baby Mango Mochi 1

Photo from Mango Baby

With the positive response that Mango Baby got from their mango sticky rice, they decided to add a new product to their menu. Since they noticed that there are a lot of mango lovers here in the Philippines, they got inspired to create and offer mango snow mochi. Plus, since we can’t travel at the moment, they also wanted to bring the taste of Japan to Manila through this product.

Mango Baby Mango Mochi 3

Photo from Mango Baby

Mango Baby’s mango snow mochi is both chewy and refreshing. “We are proud to say that we are the first to sell Homemade Mango Snow Mochi here in Manila,” beams Savannah Arroyo.

Also, just in time for the Christmas season, Mango Baby is launching the first ever Mango Sticky Rice in a can in the Philippines, which is good enough for four people so the whole family can enjoy it. In addition to that, they also added mango sago to their lineup to complete their Asian mango dessert line. Check out their products today!

Mango Baby


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