Manang’s Chicken: The New Pinoy Fried Chicken

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When in Manila and craving for fried chicken, support your own and head on over to Manang’s Chicken: ang bagong fried chicken ng pinoy! Anyone who’s tried Manang’s Chicken would know that it is absolutely delicious and that standing in a long line just to avail of a bucket or two of these is definitely worth the wait!

Manang’s Chicken first started operations as a simple stall in Mercato Centrale on December 25, 2010 as a means to simply kill time on the weekends. President and CEO Jill Gerodias- Borja never imagined that within less than a year of operations, Manang’s Chicken would expand to 4 branches and counting across the metro! As a result of this, Jill decided to hold Manang’s Chicken‘s first ever bloggers event as a means of thank you to the blogging community of which she attributes much of Manang’s Chicken‘s success to. She goes on to say that without the many reviews that the bloggers have made, she believes that many people would’ve never come to known Manang’s and that it wouldn’t have reached the height of success it has now.

The bloggers event kickstarted with Jill introducing herself and was shortly followed by the much awaited Manang’s Chicken wings challenge! Basically it was eating as many wings as you could in a span of 3 minutes. Mind you, the contestants were asked to eat SPICY wings!

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The gentleman in the middle, Myas, emerged as the winner, chowing down 8 spicy wings in 3 minutes.

Finally, what I had been waiting for, food! Haha!

210 6794 2Manang’s Chips and Dips (Small: P30, Large: P49, Add a dip: P7). I totally loved these! All-natural potato chips freshly fried to golden perfection that can be served with either one of their dips: creamy cheese or garlic mayo. Personally, I prefer the latter!

210 6792 2Manang’s Chicken Cuts. The one that started it all! Their signature double deep fried crispy chicken with Manang’s secret soy garlic sauce. Choose from Original, Mild Spicy or Extra Spicy Sauce. As you guys may have figured out by now, “manang” used to be Jill’s family cook until she retired.

More often than not, they’d make her cook fried chicken and figured that it’d be selfish of them not to share this awesomeness with the world, thus the birth of Manang’s Chicken! Thank Ā you Jill and company for your generosity! šŸ™‚

210 6796 21Manang’s Chicken Wings. Their bestseller! The same signature Manang’s Chicken but with more crispy skin! Again you can choose fromĀ Original, Mild Spicy or Extra Spicy Sauce. When you go to Mercato Centrale’s Night Market and you see a ridiculously long line of people, you can be sure that they’re lining up for this! Seriously! Sometimes I’m amazed as to how patient people are, just standing there and waiting to get a hold of these wings!

We were also served Coleslaw: fresh, crunchy vegetables prepared daily. It’s a classic coleslaw but made well. A great and refreshing side dish with Manang’s Chicken! and lastly, Macaroni Salad: creamy macaroni salad made fresh daily. It’s the perfect pair to balance the complex flavor’s of Manang’s Chicken.

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With the sisters, Jen and Jill. The lovely ladies behind the awesomeness that I refer to as Manang’s Chicken!

Goodness gracious, the rest of the bloggers and I definitely enjoyed our meals and the many activities they had prepared for us! I can’t wait for the next Manang’s Chicken bloggers event because I will definitely make sure to be there! So, when in ManilaĀ and craving for fried chicken, support your own and head on over toĀ Manang’s Chicken: ang bagong fried chicken ng pinoy! Anyone who’s triedĀ Manang’s ChickenĀ would know that it is worth lining up for! But if you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?! Go! Go! Go!

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Manang’s Chicken: The New Pinoy Fried Chicken