Malungai LifeOil: Discover the Benefits of this Power Capsule

Malunggay is a vegetable often taken for granted by many, as it can easily be grown and harvested in almost anyone’s backyard. Filipinos need not be also further urged to eat malunggay as it is often used as an ingredient for our beloved local dishes such as tinola, dinengdeng, and ginisang monggo. But, mind you, this “easy-to-grow backyard plant” is actually not just another ordinary ingredientit has been dubbed as America’s new “superfood,” the “wonder herb” and “the miracle tree.”

In fact, malunggay has been widely used as an ingredient for skin therapy oil, soap, lotion, bread, polvoron, tea, milk, and siomai (yes, siomai). A probable reason for the increasing use of malunggay as an ingredient is due to the fact that, ounce for ounce, malunggay leaves contain the following:

  • 7x more VITAMIN C than Oranges
  • 4x more VITAMIN A than in Carrots
  • 4x more CALCIUM than Milk
  • 3x more POTASSIUM than in Bananas
  • 3x more IRON than in Spinach
  • 3x more VITAMIN E than Almonds
  • 2x more PROTEIN than in Yogurt


To add another accolade to its long list of benefits, a House Bill (number 2072) was passed last March 2014 by our House of Representatives declaring malunggay as our country’s national vegetable and setting November as the “National Malunggay Month.” How awesome could our “national vegetable” be, right?!

Now, a biotechnology company, the Manila Nature’s Link Corporation (MNLC), is on a mission to further promote to more Filipinos the many benefits of malunggay through a capsule that is equivalent to five cups of malunggay – the Malungai LifeOil.


What started as a mere experiment by Mr. Andy Lugtu, the founder of MNLC, Malungai LifeOil began to create buzz among members of religious groups when it was launched in 2008. Malungai LifeOil is the world’s only oil-based moringa oleifera (a.k.a. malunggay) supplement which delivers the great combination of nutrients of malunggay in 500mg of pure oil in a soft gel capsule. Since it is all-natural and in liquid form, nutrients are said to be more efficiently distributed and absorbed by our body without any harmful effects to the liver.

For me, though, I have realized that the main benefit of taking MNLC’s Malungai LifeOil is this: You get to take in all the health benefits of malunggay through just a single, convenient capsule (with regular consumption, of course).

As a newbie in the workforce, I immediately realized how time is of the essence, and the consistent monitoring of my health definitely became a challenge. Consuming vegetables in their natural form is always a yes for me, but sometimes, it is difficult to always get the amount of vegetables needed in a day for a better health. With Moringa LifeOil, I believe this food supplement serves as an answer as well for those who have fast-paced lifestyles but would still want to maintain a well-balanced nutrition.

In fact, here are the other benefits of taking malunggay:

  • Promotes heightened mental clarity
  • Boosts energy without caffeine
  • Encourages balanced metabolism
  • Promotes softer skin
  • Provides relief from acne
  • Supports normal hormone levels
  • Promotes healthy circulation
  • Delivers natural anti-aging benefits
  • Supports normal glucose levels
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Enhances sperm motility

Also considering that LifeOil does not come in powdered version (which is said to contain sulfur from acid rain and carcinogens due to heavy metals like lead) and that it is an oil-based one, the essential vitamins and minerals are better absorbed by the body.


Helping the Filipino farmers

MNLC outsources their raw materials from farms owned by locals. As of now, most of these farms are located in Southern Tagalog areas such as Batangas and Los Baños, but they are soon to recruit more farmers from the Northern Luzon. Mr. Andy Lugtu builds close relationship with the local farming community and, in this way, it is being assured that all materials are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Also, from time to time, they conduct trainings to farmers on modern but environment-friendly farming techniques. They teach new skills and farming techniques to maximize their profits and improve their way of living. By doing such, they are able to positively contribute not only to the lives of their workers but most especially to their families and the community.

By giving a hand to local farmers that grows malunggay, LifeOil’s mother company enables us to consequentially contribute in strengthening the farming industry and helping our country to be one of the most trusted sources of high-quality malunggay.


A German philosopher once said, “Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.” And, as I see it, the founders of LifeOil have this tremendous passion to promote the great benefits of malunggay and, more importantly, to help Filipino malunggay farmers grow a sustainable living. If there’s a company that encourages people to contribute in improving their fellow people’s lives and at improve their own health in the process then I’m surely in with that.

Malunggai LifeOil comes in two variants (60 capsules and 10 capsules) and could be taken twice daily or as recommended by a doctor/health professional. There is also LifeOil Kids Stuff, which is a fruit-flavored natural food supplement which has Guimaras Mango flavor. It is available at all leading drugstores nationwide and online at

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