Moringa-O2 Launches an All-New Herbal Hair and Skin Therapy Oil

Moringa-O2 Launches an All-New Herbal Hair and Skin Therapy Oil


When In Manila, Moringa or Malunggay is one of  nature’s best-kept secrets. This wonder plant is known for being a good source of nutrients when incorporated in your meals, but it can also serve as a beauty antidote. That’s what Moringa-O2 offers us with their new line of Malunggay-infused products.

Last October 23, Moringa-O2 launched its latest addition to its existing line of Malunggay-infused beauty products: The Herbal Hair and Skin Therapy Oil. The launch was held at Island Spa in Resorts World Manila – definitely the perfect place to hold the launch as its ambience was both relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time.



The Island Spa’s interiors



The award-winning Moringa O2 products. Herbal oil, moisturizing lotion, toner and soap.


Moringa – O2  products do not just contain malunggay, but Olive oil and Omega (from Sunflower Oil), as well, both of which are nature’s anti-oxidant and anti-aging secret. Their products have been recognized four times by beauty-award-giving bodies, such as Cosmo in 2010 and 2012 and Metro in 2010 and 2013. 

The program started with an intimate  lunch where the food was catered by TWG and where the desserts were infused with malunggay. After that, we went to the multimedia room where the actual launch then took place.


Moringa O2_15jpg

Teapots from TWG.


Moringa O2_9

Healthy treats from Moringa-O2.


Moringa O2_10

Even the cupcakes were made with malunggay, making them a very healthy dessert!


The launch was hosted by Ms. Issa litton, then followed by a short audio-visual presentation about their products. Moringa – O2 products are good for those who have sensitive, itchy  and dry skin. Later on, Moringa-O2’s endorser was introduced, as well – Ms. Gelli De Belen, who looked fabulous as always!


Moringa O2_4

Moringa O2_17

Moringa-O2‘s endorser, Ms. Gelli De Belen looking great at 40.


According to her, she has very sensitive skin. Aside from that, her skin and hair are also exposed to so much damage in the industry due to the use of hair irons and studio lights. Moringa o2’s Herbal Hair and Therapy oil helps bring the life back to her hair and skin! She also candidly mentioned that Argan or Moroccan oils are such big thing nowadays, so why not just use malunggay? No wonder she looks so great and gorgeous!

After that, Moringa-O2  and Island Spa gave us a treat of experiencing a full-body massage using their very own Moringa-O2 Herbal Hair and Skin Therapy oil. 


Moringa O2_12

Can’t wait to get pampered!


Moringa O2_11

Me and my friend Robee getting ready for our massage using the all new Moringa-O2 Herbal Hair and Skin Therapy oil.


After an hour’s worth of pampering, we felt so relaxed and rejuvenated. Moringa-O2 Herbal Hair and Skin Therapy oil smells so good on the skin and it doesn’t feel greasy, unlike other oils.The smell of Moringa-O2 Herbal Hair and Skin Therapy oil is also similar to Elizabeth Arden’s green tea. A plus point to this new product is the fact that it comes with a complete line of products, including soap, toner, lotion and oil.  


Moringa O2_3

The loot bags that we get to go home with after our spa session, complete with all the Moringa-O2 products.


Moringa O2_13

Me with Ardent World’s PR girls Bea and Nica.


Moringa-O2’s products aren’t just good; they are also accesible and easy on the budget. Their products actually cost less than 150 pesos! Talk about value for money. I have yet to try Moringa-O2’s line of products, but I will definitely be writing a detailed review about them here.


Moringa O2



When In Manila, there’s no other way to experience one of nature’s best-kept secrets but by using Moringa-O2 products!




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Moringa-O2 launches their all new Herbal Hair and Skin Therapy Oil