Malaysian Chef Calls Filipino Food “Worst In Asia”

Oh, snap!

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Just after the Philippines landed second in a poll of world’s best food, a Malaysian chef has come up saying that Filipino cuisine is the worst in Asia!

According to reports, Chef Wan, a celebrity chef in Malaysia, said that the Philippines should have been on the bottom of the list.

Chef Wan also reportedly said:

“Philippines is known to have the worst food in Asia, ask any chefs and they will tell you I am right.”

He also criticized Malaysia’s ranking in the poll, wherein the country placed sixth, and that Malaysia should have ranked higher than Taiwan.

According to him, the top five choices ranked by order should have been Malaysia, Italy, Thailand, Japan, and China in terms of variety.

He also said:

“I see food as varieties and flavors that reflect the culture and food, and that is why Malaysia should be the first world’s best food destination.”

What do you think of Chef Wan’s statement? Is Filipino cuisine really the worst in Asia?


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