Malacañang Respects Ateneo and La Salle’s Decision To Wear Black For UAAP Game

This is not just any Ateneo – La Salle basketball game — the famous sports rivals are uniting this Sunday.

Juno Sauler DLSU coach

The Ateneo de Manila University and De La Salle University’s respective officials called for an invitation for their supporters to wear black instead of the usual blue or green, signifying their solidarity against extra-judicial killings and the Marcos burial, and what does Malacañang have to say about it?

They’re fine with it, according to Communications Secretary Martin Andanar.

The secretary said:

“We live in a democracy where everyone is entitled to give an opinion, air his grievance or voice his solidarity or disagreement with the government as long as the means used is peaceful, legal and constitutional. As we learned in our class, ‘I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.'”

Today marks a Black Sunday, where instead of bleeding their usual school colors, two of the country’s top universities choose to rise above sports rivalry for a higher cause.

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