MakeArt: Tell Your Story and Turn Your Photos into Artwork!

MakeArt: Tell Your Story and Turn Your Photos into Artwork!


Contrary to what my friends think, my room is often a huge blob of mess WHEN IN MANILA. Picture this: different articles of clothing piled on one chair, shoes everywhere on the floor, and bags and pieces of jewelry carelessly placed on my study table. No wonder my mom would give out a loud sigh every time she has to enter my room. But all of this changed the day I received a package from MakeArt.

MakeArt is a little shop that dedicates their time in turning literally anything into artworks worthy of a place in your homes. From personal photos, wedding invitations, even Bible verses, you name it!


A few weeks back, I received goodies from MakeArt that made me rush down to my room and clean it ASAP. After all, how can I let the fab artworks from MakeArt sit in the middle of my messy room? No, that wouldn’t give their fabulosity justice at all!

You can have your artworks printed in different sizes – from small picture frame sizes down to a huge poster movie size – you name it!



Just send your photos to MakeArt, tell them your preferred size, and watch them magically turn your photos into artwork!

MakeArt prints your photos, logos, words, into just about anything. This time, I decided to have my prints printed on the usual canvas, and surprise! A block of wood.


Print on Wood


It’s no secret that I’m a fashion junkie. And this Coco Chanel quote perfectly sums up what fashion is truly about. But somehow seeing this lovely quote printed on wood makes the word jump to life.


Printed on hard wood, this unique wooden artwork from MakeArt is perfect to making your homes one of a kind. I’m so used to seeing prints on canvas, so seeing this wooden artwork is a refreshing change I’m sure many would welcome with open arms.


Print on Canvas 


Taking one of my favorite photos from my feature on Runway Dreams (which you can read here,) and blowing it up is just amazing! No wonder bloggers like Kryz Uy and Camille Co are also such huge fans of MakeArt.


I am not an artsy girl. In fact, the last time I entered an art gallery with my friends, I ended up sitting on the couch while my friends enjoyed the different artworks of famous painters. But I ended up falling in love with the artworks of MakeArt because it allows their customer to make their own stories instead of trying to just interpret what’s already on the canvas.

So us, Filipinos, are known for being photo addicts. We photograph technically anything and everything! From OOTD’s, food we had for lunch, our pets, etc.. But instead of just letting our artworks float on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, why don’t we turn them into artworks we can proudly show off at our place or give as gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or just whenever? So WHEN IN MANILA, be sure to check out MakeArt, and turn your photos into the artworks that they truly are.





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MakeArt: Tell Your Story and Turn Your Photos into Artwork!


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