Runway Dreams: Getting Dressed—The Fun Part.

WHEN IN MANILA, Lauren Conrad once said, “Getting dress shouldn’t be about perfection; it should be liberating and fun!” A lot of times, people find dressing up very frustrating. Admit it, we’ve all had those “I have nothing to wear days!” way too often. But dressing up shouldn’t, wouldn’t, and couldn’t be frustrating at all with 2 cups of imagination, 1 teaspoon of inspiration, a pinch of fun, and a closet full of Runway Dreams.

Runway Dreams is an online shop that never fails to make me see clothes in a different light and make me realize why fashion will always be my first love. Their clothing pieces are unique and one of a kind, stylish and fashionable, and always fun, which is what getting dressed is really all about.  


This printed dress from Runway Dreams is one of my absolute favorite! I love the unique cut on the hem of the dress. And the print is too loud too miss. A definite showstopper.



I have this thing for dresses and tops with a unique back design (remember my blue floral top from Surco?) and this dress from Runway Dreams is no exception.


The low cut on the back spells sexy while the bow adds a more feminine touch to the dress. Who knew something as sexy and loud as this dress, usually donned by the glam girls can be perfect for the girly girls too.

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Apart from cute dresses, Runway Dreams also houses shorts that are too cute and stylish to skip from Bangkok. I am particularly in love with the shorts with the lace detail and this cute shorts with  printed crosses.


This dress from Runway Dreams is so retro. I can picture the sweet Taylor Swift raging on anyone who would keep her away from this dress.

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What makes it even sweeter and totally worth the purchase is the heart cut-out at the back of the dress!


I remember back in May, 2012, I styled a model for a Candy Magazine shoot with a cute dress with a heart cut-out from Folded and Hung that I wanted to wear myself.  But when I came back for the dress, it was already sold out. So seeing this dress from Runway Dreams definitely made my heart skip a beat.

So When In Manila readers, when wondering on what to wear, don’t just dress up to look presentable for others. Dress up for yourselves, have fun, and fill your minds, hearts, and closets with Runway Dreams WHEN IN MANILA.


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Runway Dreams: Getting Dressed—The Fun Part.