Make Your Holidays Colder with Macao Imperial Tea’s Christmas Series Drinks!

Article by Jerenze Christian B. Cuaki / Photos by JP Sium / Video by Courtney Sayson

Christmas is a time for cold and breezy nights, and here in the tropical Philippines, it is Macao Imperial Tea that will make your holidays feel colder! Macao Imperial Tea has released their chilly Christmas Series drinks in four different flavors to try, inspired by those Christmas and winter feels!

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The Macao Imperial Tea Christmas Series Drinks

IMG 00741

IMG 0075

The Yellow Blizzard (Php175), inspired by the snow blizzard, has a flavorful mango taste. It’s sweet yet fruity because of the mango syrup and mango slush.

IMG 0084

The Blue Frost (Php175), inspired by the winter season, is a mix of two colors: blue and orange. The mix is called the blue and orange curaçao and the fruity taste of orange slush is dominant in this particular drink.

IMG 0062

IMG 0068

The Pink Mittens (Php175), inspired from, well, mittens, has a very sweet strawberry flavor. The pinkish color looks cute to the eyes.

IMG 0070
IMG 0090

The bear and pink mittens (strawberry) both look so cute, to be honest.

Lastly, the Green Pine (Php175) inspired by pine trees, has the taste of green tea (matcha) that every matcha fan loves. It’s not sour or bitter, but has just the right taste.

IMG 0069
IMG 0087

Every drink is served in a red holiday cup (not pictured) and topped with whipped cream at Php175 (one size, all flavors) per order. The Christmas Series drinks are only available from November 6 to January 15, 2018 in all branches and you will earn a promo card that will get you a free special holiday bear tumbler (featured in the picture of the drinks above and below) if you get all 12 stickers.

From November 6 to January 15, 2018, customers can complete all 12 stickers by earning 7 stickers for the core beverages in the menu and 5 stickers for the holiday series drinks (one sticker per drink purchased). Take note that you can also reuse the tumbler/s you get for a discount on your next visits!

IMG 0077

So cuteeee!!! Look at those Mickey Mouse-inspired ears! The tumblers are from Macau.


The girls enjoyed the Christmas Series drinks! Don’t forget to take some selfies and shots! Also featured is the Over The Rainbow Soda.

Today, Macao Imperial Tea is also launching its Coffee Series of drinks that features hot and ice blended coffee drink choices exclusive to the Philippine franchise.

With over 300+ stores worldwide, Macao Imperial Tea prides itself on bringing handcrafted goodness from Macau to everyone in the world symbolizing the testament that Macau is more than just casinos. The cafe highlights a mix of Macanese culture and a personalized experience that brings every cup especially made for YOU. Envisioned by Avin Ong, who worked to bring Macao Imperial Tea in the Philippines, the company is now accepting franchise applications to grow its store network around the country.

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Avin Ong holding the Over The Rainbow Soda.

Tag your family and friends and try Macao Imperial Tea’s new Christmas Series drinks collection this Holiday Season!

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