Magnetta: Now You Can Hang Your Bags Anywhere!

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We all have experiences and days where we need to carry a lot of things and it’s just a hassle to get our stuff out with ease. Our bags tend to get messy, we spill things, we become frustrated, and our backs ache. This usually results in a negative experience that we can’t do anything about it.

Lyn Lazaro, a devoted wife and a super mom of three kids, founded Magnetta, an answered prayer for all of the busy people out there. Magnetta is a convenient way to hang your bags almost anywhere and get your things without any fuss.

Magnetta Lynne (left) shown in the picture

Magnetta has 18 variants for you to choose from categorized into Klasika (Php890) and Prima (Php1,180).Klasika is made of plain and smooth grain cowhide leather, while Prima is the premium version made of top-grain pebbled cowhide leather. Both come in nine colors.

Lyn Lazaro (middle) together with her husband and friends while holding a metal board with all Magnetta colors.

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The Magnetta has two magnets that allow bags to be hooked on corner tables or shopping carts. It comes with a metal ring that you can attach to bags or water bottles. Magnetta is made of quality leather and magnets designed to carry bags that weigh up to 10 pounds. And if you decide to hang it on high-grade metal (such as a post along a sidewalk), it can actually hold up to 15 pounds!

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Magentta is best used on high-grade commercial metal such as poles, posts, lockers, car bodies, table bases, door hinges, and gym equipment! Head on to their website and make things more convenient and lightweight for you everyday! 😉




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