4 Pampering Trends You Should Try Before the Year Ends

The holiday season means a season of gift-giving, merry-making, getaways, and pampering. This calls for a total makeover a few weeks before the year ends! We suggest you take a day off or two and try out these trending holiday pampering sessions!

4 Pampering Trends You Should Try Before the Year Ends

4. 90s-Inspired Hair

To change something about one’s crowning glory is an annual tradition for many. One of the country’s leading hair destinations, Vivere Salon, recommends a 90s-inspired hairdo, which has obviously been coming back in terms of fashion and hairstyles.

Vivere Salon’s creative hairstylists will suggest colors and styles that they think will suit you best. I love how mine turned out!

For women, Vivere Salon suggests the understated glam notable of the era. If you want to stay on trend, your chosen cut should be edgy and trendy but still functional and versatile. Go for blunt bobs with a trendy fringe, geometric cuts with great movement, or long and luxurious tresses with loads of texture.

The 90s vibe also applies for men. Vivere Salon says that the hyper-styled brushed back hair of recent years is taking a backseat to loose quiffs, blunt cropped fringes, and even the easy and surprisingly flattering long French crop.

BEFORE: My hair was a darker shade of brown.

After personally trying out their services, I must say that Vivere Salon should definitely be your go-to place for a makeover this holiday season. This was my first time to experiment on my hair color by putting on highlights, but they took the utmost care of me. Don’t be afraid to change your hair color. Be bold and make it blonde, light blue, purple-gray or even crazy magenta because apparently, it’s a holiday hair trend!

AFTER: The dull-looking and uneven colors of my hair were transformed into this!

If you’re interested in trying out these holiday trends yourself, visit any Vivere Salon near you and you can get a free hair treatment to boot!

3. Painless Hair Removal

The next stop for your holiday pampering session should be Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon. They can deal with any unwanted hair any time of the year. Ditch the DIY waxing treatments that are traumatizing and painful, and get a waxing session by their expert aestheticians instead.

They’ve got a method of threading and waxing that’s swift and efficient!

We can attest to how good their services are after trying out some of their packages. Hey Sugar! uses hot or cold sugar wax that does not only seep into your pores and gets a good grip on hair follicles, but also does the work of moisturizing and exfoliating your skin. You’ll really finish each hair removal session smiling and even laughing with their friendly aestheticians.

Plus, their services are as low as Php160! Also, Hey Sugar! has a lot of branches now (mostly in malls nationwide), so finding them for your regular waxing sessions won’t be a problem.

2. Lush Lashes

With so many holiday parties coming up, you should go to Ooh La Lash! next and prepare yourself for them all. Either get your lashes permed or add eyelash extensions, so you won’t need to put on falsies every time you attend a shindig.

I chose the Classic! 

If you haven’t tried this procedure yet or are curious about how it feels, don’t worry – it’s totally painless! Each session can last for about 45 minutes to an hour. You’ll be a bit teary-eyed when you first open your eyes right after they put the lashes on, but this minimal discomfort will only last for less than 30 seconds. As Pinoys always say: “Tiis ganda!”

TIP: They can also thread and shape your eyebrows before putting on the eyelash extensions!

The thickness, curl, and length of the eyelash extensions vary depending on the package you choose. You can choose from Light and Natural, adding 30-50 lashes that will look like your natural lashes and won’t be very noticeable; Classic with 51-85 lashes to prep up the perfect length and curl for your everyday look; Diva with 86-130 lashes that really scream “EYELASHES!”; and Vixen with unlimited lashes, the ideal service for when you want party-ready lashes that are beautifully long and full.

Like Hey Sugar!, Ooh La Lash! has a lot of branches nationwide, so you can drop by right after your waxing sesh!

1. Seasonal Colors on Your Fingers

If you think spring colors aren’t for this season, think again!

Last but not least, pamper your hands and get holiday-ready at Nail-a-holics! This season, they present intense nail polish colors that also have glitter and shine! This means you can expect fun and festive colors as well as low-key and subtle shades with a little bit of shimmer added to the mix.

I chose this subtle pink nail polish color from Benefit and glitter on my ring finger.

Among their trending colors and mixes, we chose the dainty, ever-flattering, and versatile colors of Spring called Solique Pretty & Polished. This Benefit x Solique partnership brings a refreshing wash of light pinks, pearl whites, and just the right amount of glitter for the holidays. Nail-a-holics has services as low as Php190 in branches all over the metro!

Here’s a great tip: visit a mall where all of these places can be found. We got all of our pampering sessions done at Robinsons Galleria in less than a day because these spas and salons are very close to each other there. It would also be best to book an appointment on a weekday so there won’t be much waiting time. Go ahead now and book; we can’t wait to see your holiday looks!


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