Magdamag Market Cafe: A Cozy Home-Style Cafe That Doubles as a Retail Space

It’s always a pleasant surprise when you walk into a cafe and realize that it’s more than just a space where you can enjoy great coffee and some bites. When we visited Magdamag Market Cafe, it was truly beyond our expectations.

Magdamag Market Cafe is a cozy spot tucked in the Diliman area in Quezon City. As it says in the name, it is a family-owned marketplace and cafe all in one.

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Their retail space actually offers a variety of local brands, and most of them are brands started by all the siblings. They are actually 10 siblings, so you can be sure to find a lot of cool items for sale here.

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They have special and customized maps created by their brother, there are stickers and artworks created by multiple sisters, and there are even local romance books written by one of the sisters as well! Aside from the family-owned brands, there are also a couple of local brands owned by family friends as well.

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One remarkable brand that you can find here is Dekada Chocolates, a locally-made chocolate brand created by one of the sisters! While you can purchase chocolate bars from the retail space, the cafe also features drinks and food items with Dekada Chocolates.

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A few of their must-try specialty drinks are the Dekada Tableya Mocha and Dekada White Mocha which are coffee-based drinks with Dekada Chocolates and farm-fresh milk. These drinks are so rich and tasty, and it’s definitely the drink to enjoy while reading a book or finishing deadlines.

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Magdamag Market Cafe also offers amazing sandwiches that feature farm-to-table ingredients.

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The Magdamag Grilled Cheese has mouthwatering sourdough bread and cheese slices, with a salad on the side that came from their family farm. It also comes with a side of delicious fresh tomato jam created by their mom!

They also offer a Kesong Puti Grilled Cheese with kesong puti from their farm, served with a side of guava jam.

Looking for sweet treats? Their Dekada PB&J features a chocolate spread from Dekada Chocolates that I personally couldn’t get enough of.

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Magdamag Market Cafe also partnered up with Butterboy to serve croissants and pastries—with some of them even featuring Dekada Chocolates as well.

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If you’re looking for something more light and refreshing, you can also try their super fresh Organika Salad of the Day, or their delicious Farm Fresh Yogurt Bowl that’s mixed with chia seeds, granola, and peach slices.

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Their menu may be quite compact, but you can be sure that every food item on it is excellent and made with the freshest ingredients from their farm. We actually couldn’t get enough of the food!

Of course, we also couldn’t overlook the beautiful setting of Magdamag Market Cafe.

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From the outside, it looks like a stylish residence with a red brick wall outside and huge windows, but that also tells you a lot about what you might expect inside.

Inside, Magdamag Market Cafe features a beautiful open space that feels like an old yet modern home. The gorgeous tinted arc windows on one side add so much elegance to the space. And, if you visit right before sunset, you’ll enjoy the golden hour shining through their huge windows. It turns your normie coffee visit into an instant ethereal coffee experience.

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They have a high table that faces out the window if you want to enjoy a bit of me-time, they also have smaller tables for intimate coffee dates, and they have a conference table with sockets in the middle for everyone who needs to work from cafe. And yes, they also have WiFi!

It’s actually great how Magdamag Market Cafe is super conducive for working and studying.

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While Magdamag Market Cafe’s cozy and homey vibe is more than enough reason to visit, their food, coffee, and retail space will definitely have you coming back regularly. This just might be your newest go-to cafe in Quezon City!

Magdamag Market Cafe

14 Sgt Esguerra, Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon City

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