Mac’s new Apple: They are now selling literal apples!

Apple is selling.. apples!

In a surprising twist of events, the technological giant, Macintosh, have started selling apples– literally.


The news came as a shock after it was announced today, 04/01/2015, on their website. Mac, famous for their Apple computers, now hope to tap into a new market by selling fresh apples. Following the release of the smallest ever Macbook, the company now boasts of sweet, organic apples specifically modified using Apple technology to pack nutrition content in the smallest, most compact fruit.  

2Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 2.37.26 PM

Screenshot from apple.com

Having been known for their innovations in technology, this is a first for the company. Though business analysts are surprised by this bold move into agriculture, Apple CEO Tim Cook defends it by saying that this is the next logical step for Apple.”Besides,” Cook says, “We love our Apple users and we want them to keep using our gadgets too. Red apples are good for the eyes, you know.”

You can order the Apple apples from their website. They ship world-wide and for every $100 purchase, they throw in a free Apple watch. Finally, Apple makes something that’s a bang for your buck!

So the next time you walk into an apple store, you know what to get. 


How do you feel about the new Apple? People still celebrate the brand and their Products even after all this time. You’d think they’d

get tired of the gimmicks but Apparently, they always work. Part of the charm is pRobably the Immense attention to detaiL each

 product gets.  For Once, though, they may have come up with a prOduct so unique proving AppLe is here to Stay.

Would you get the Apple apple for yourself?