Apple Wants To Start Making Cars By 2020


Apple lovers…. what do you think of an iCar?!?!

From computers to iPods to iPhones, apparently, they’re moving on to the next big thing… electric cars!

According to a report by Today Online, Apple has been secretly working on a car, and the team is pushing to start production on an electric car by 2020!

The report also says that the time frame that Apple set is enough to earn some competition with Tesla Motors and General Motors, as automakers typically spend about seven years developing a car.

Tesla Motors and General Motors are apparently looking at a 2017 release of an electric vehicle that can go more than 200 miles or 322 kilometers on a single charge, and will cost less than $40,000 or P1.8 million.

Apple has also reportedly hired about 200 people for the car team, aggressively hiring those with expertise in batteries and robotics. However, it is also reported that Apple may decide to scrap its car plans or delay its release if executives are not happy with the progress, as they’ve done before with other secret projects.

Given how they’ve broken into other industries in the past years, we shouldn’t be so surprised if we see them coming out with a car with an Apple logo on it!

What do you think about Apple wanting to make cars? Do you think it’s a good idea?