Apple Is Working on A Waterproof iPhone You’ve Never Seen Before

Really, is there anything Apple can’t do?!

According to Yahoo News, a patent on a waterproof iPhone is spreading like wildfire, with a kind of advanced technology you’ve never seen before.

Apple iPhone waterproof

The report says:

“Rather than make the casing waterproof, Apple’s patent describes a method of waterproofing internal components by integrating a hydrophobic coating with the electromagnetic interference shields used to protect sensitive electronics.”

In other words, it’s not just the casing that’s waterproof– even if you drop an iPhone deep in the water, the phone will still work wonders because of its waterproofed internal components!

Suddenly, taking selfies underwater in the pool or in the beach isn’t such a headache anymore!! We hope Apple actually pushes through with this, and not shelf this like a gazillion other “secret” projects they’ve had.

Would you LOVE to own a highly waterproof phone?