We Are in Love With Luxx Lash’s New Magnetic Lashes

We wrote about Luxx Lash during the first year of the pandemic and were absolutely amazed by how they taught us that achieving gorgeous eyelashes can be affordable and effortless with their help. Not only do Luxx Lash’s eyelashes look great, but they’re safe and easy to use, too. In fact, these eyelashes provide protection for your eyes, keeping them well-hydrated while making a huge difference in how you look.

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Photo from Luxx Lash

With pandemic restrictions easing up everywhere and events popping up left and right, it has become even more important for me to glam myself up in as short of a time as possible – and as always, Luxx Lash is by my side. Being human, however, there comes a time when I still want to change up my look.

Depending on the season or occasion, I am always looking for ways to make my lashes appear longer, thicker, and darker so I’m really happy that Luxx Lash consistently releases new magnetic lashes to give us more options to choose from. Their latest offering? Rosie.

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Photo from Luxx Lash

Soft, feathery, and lightweight, Rosie is an all-out eye opener for that sweet and natural flutter. Designed with straight fibers, Rosie is easy on the eyes – giving you the ultimate lash pair to complement your natural lashes. It’s perfect for that subtle yet mesmerizing look!

What Luxx Lash’s Magnetic Lashes Can Do For You

– Magnetic lashes with natural lash strands to mimic your real lashes
– Sweatproof, water-resistant, wind-resistant
– Instant confidence booster that easily elevates your look with little to no makeup
– Achievable beauty trick even you can do
– Lightweight—feels like you’re wearing nothing!
– Comes in a compact case with a mirror and magnetic plates to keep the lashes in place
– Less waste consumed with a product you can use multiple times

They are also:

– Cruelty-free
– Chemical-free
– 2D Korean faux mink
– 60 or more uses
– 12-hour wear

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Photo from Luxx Lash

Self-care has been a top priority over the course of the pandemic, no matter how small the effort is—whether it’s personal time to reflect or meditate, time to actually rest and sleep, time to work out, or simply, allowing oneself to glam up even if it’s just to feel better. Feeling good—and boosting one’s confidence and self-esteem—can also be rooted in looking good. Even something as simple as this can be a way to empower you to face your day #EyeToEye.

As advocates for clean and honest beauty, Luxx Lash says they believe they owe it to every Luxx Gal to use their platform to empower her to look and feel like her best self. Because when women wear their confidence, great things can happen. Get confident with Luxx Lash’s Magnetic Lash Style – Rosie. Learn more about them and Luxx Lash’s signature collections during the official product launch via Instagram Live tonight (March 24, 2022) at 8PM via Luxx’s official Instagram page: @heyluxxlash

What’s more, they’re currently at 20% off. Just use the code LOVEROSIE until March 27, 2022! Be the first to get your hands on this new lash pair.

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