Luxx Lash: A Game-Changing Innovation for Eyelashes

I haven’t been to a salon since quarantine began… for obvious reasons. However, I am ashamed to admit that practically anything involving prettifying myself has gone out the window since then, as well. I’m just not the type to put in too much of an effort into beautifying myself… but that’s also because I didn’t know that there were ways to do it that don’t require too much effort. Enter Luxx Lash.

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In 2018, Luxx Ventures, Inc. was founded on the belief that beauty brands have the responsibility to quickly adapt to new trends and the evolving needs and priorities of the community. Like me, they noticed that enhancing our lashes usually takes a lot of time, effort, and money… and sometimes even damage. (True story: a salon glued two of my eyelashes together once. It was not a fun experience!)

Now that accessibility and safety are of the utmost importance, Luxx Lash has come up with a game-changing innovation for eyelashes that I honestly wish I had discovered a long time ago.

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Luxx Lash has taken it upon themselves to simplify our beauty routines and make it possible to beautify ourselves from home. Their vision? Empowering women through easy, sustainable, and accessible beauty—fit for every lifestyle. And I love everything about it!

From the packaging to the products themselves, everything screams of ‘beauty’. I mean, how many times do you receive a package in the mail that makes you go, “Wow, this looks great!” That’s the kind of experience they offer. And they will make you look great in the process, too!

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Luxx Lash’s lashes are made out of faux mink and are specially made to fit every Asian eye shape (no need to cut the band!). In case you’ve never heard of magnetic lashes before, here’s the 411:


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Luxx Lash’s premium high-quality products are all cruelty-free and safe for the eyes and the environment. They are sustainable, too, and well worth the price. You can use their magnetic lashes more than 60 times, their liner and lashes 30 times, and their nail wraps for 14 days! Yes, they also offer nail products – STYX by Luxx – so your nails can be as pretty as your lashes. Achieve the same quality as a salon with less time, effort, and cost, and zero damage.

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They make for great Christmas gifts, too! Their holiday kits are completely customizable and even come with limited edition holiday nail wraps that you otherwise won’t be able to buy separately. Trust me: your girl friends are gonna love receiving these products this Christmas… but why not get yourself some, too? You deserve it!

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