Lugar Bonito and Sol y Sombra – These Cozy-Chic Hideaways Have Some of the COMFIEST Beds in Boracay!


Ahhh Boracay… You don’t really need much to enjoy the place, other than all five senses, a cheap cocktail and a bikini. Pick a nice spot in full view of the sea and mark your territory with a beach towel. After that it’s just a matter of sitting back and enjoying the sun, sand and sea – because in Boracay, the beach is the main attraction.


The reason why I love Boracay so much is because it’s such a no-brainer, no-fail vacation destination. The sunsets are guaranteed to be stunning, the happy hour’s always cheap, and you’re bound to have a great time; so much so that you can practically do away with all the fancy beach activities and guided tours.



What you shouldn’t compromise on, however, is accommodation. Scrimp on everything else except where you’ll be laying your head after a full day under the sun. Possibly one of the best parts of a Boracay trip is going home to an über comfy bed after a crazy night at the beach, and our B&B from our most recent trip sure knows this.



Lugar Bonito, located at Station 1, spared no expense on setting up some exquisitely comfortable beds for their hotel. And the beds are just the beginning of it! The place may seem small, a compact abode crammed in a two-storey building by the main road, but it has all the essentials one may need for a relaxing stay in the island.






Lugar Bonito’s charm lies in the details. Its bare white walls, minimal rustic decor and Machuca-esque tiles are reminiscent of a sea-side Greek abode. It’s a breezy and homely retreat; a breath of fresh air from the countless tropical-themed resorts that line the streets of Boracay. Rooms are small, with massive beds taking up most of the floor area, but still offer ample room to walk around, as well as everything you’d expect out of a fully functional living space – flat-screen cable TV, a mini refrigerator, coffee and tea with an electric kettle, a study, and a bathroom with hot and cold showers.



Lugar Bonito’s Bione “Life” Family Room


We stayed at one of Lugar’s larger family rooms (named the Bione or “Life” room). One of the more spacious rooms in the hotel, it had two queen-sized beds and each even had a pull-out bed underneath. Our room could comfortably fit a small family/group of five. They also have two standard rooms for couples and two superior rooms with one queen-sized bed and a pull-out day bed, good for a maximum of three guests. All rooms come with complimentary continental breakfast for two, wifi access, and 24-hour hotel service.





One of the things I love most about Lugar Bonito is its proximity to the beach. It literally takes three minutes to walk from our room to the shore! What’s even better is that it’s located at Station 1, Boracay’s bustling hub where practically all the best happy-hour promos are. It’s also situated right along the main road, which makes it very easy to spot from the street upon arrival from the port.



Cute corners


Accommodations at Lugar Bonito also come with complimentary continental breakfast (or upgrade to Filipino breakfast for a fee), and a beautiful seaside view.


Boracay was, as expected, absolute perfection, but what really made our trip all the more worthwhile were the few valuable moments spent in the comfort of our hotel. Mornings were the best, slow and unrushed, spent with their delicious Lucban longganisa and a bird’s eye view of the sea. I also loved how our room always smelled like a spa! They’ve set up some essential oil reed diffusers in our room that had just the sweetest and most soothing scent every time we stepped in. Like I’ve said, Lugar Bonito’s charm lies in the littlest details such as this.



Ms. Chiqui’s list of recommended things to do and places to eat in Boracay

During our stay, we also got to spend some time with our lovely host, Ms. Chiqui, who also happens to be Lugar Bonito’s owner. She was the absolute sweetest, constantly checking in to see if we were alright and giving us a list (one she always gives her guests) of handpicked activities and restaurants to try around the island. Coming from an island local, I’m definitely taking her word for it!


For more details on Lugar Bonito’s room rates and availability, visit their website at



Sol y Sombra, another hotel located just behind Lugar Bonito

During our stay, we also got to spend a night at Lugar Bonito’s sister hotel, Sol y Sombra. Read more about it after the jump!