Lucky Me Noodles Now Comes in a Supersized Packaging

They’re now bigger and better than ever!

(Cover Photo was taken by FoodFlings.PH)

Instant noodles are an integral presence in everyone’s pantry. They’re quick and easy to prepare, convenient for late-night snacking, and can even be used as emergency rations. Although not healthy, instant noodles are filling all the same, and come in a wide variety of flavors and options: dry or with soup.

One top of mind choice for Filipinos includes Lucky Me, an instant noodle brand by Monde Nissin that launched in 1983. A household brand that is often associated with warm meals shared with family and friends, Lucky Me’s wide variety of options are designed to be flavorful and fuss-free. Their options include the highly popular Pancit Canton series, which includes an Original, Kalamansi, a hybrid of spicy and sour flavors called Chilimansi, a Sweet and Spicy blend, and an Extra Hot Chili for those who want a touch of heat in their noodles.

These noodles are often packaged in single-serve plastic pouches (good for one), but because we tend to buy in bulk, Lucky Me has also released a multipack that includes 6 of these packets in a carry-on pouch. While this good for families, the downside is that it uses more plastic. And that can’t be good for the environment.

Not to worry! In a move to shift to use less plastic in their packaging, Lucky Me launched a new version of their multipack— one in a big bag that fits all 6 noodles! And they’re not individually packed this time around. This was shared with me by food blogger FoodFlings.PH in the SM Hypermarket branch of SM City Sucat just yesterday, and yes, it is supersized indeed!

The Supersized Multipack of Lucky Me uses 60% less plastic compared to their usual multipack but maintains the same taste, same formulation and same ingredients. That way, you can cook up a feast without a lot of waste this time around.

Do you know any brands that have started minimizing their use of plastic in their packaging? Let us know in the comments below!

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