Lucia’s Bed & Breakfast: The Best Holiday Home in Baguio

Known for its cold weather, great food, and must-see spots, Baguio City is an ideal vacation destination for everyone. And so, if you ever find yourself craving for the city’s relaxing vibe, we know the best place in town to go to.

With its lovely exterior and interior designs, cozy bedrooms, and mouth-watering homemade meals, Lucia’s Bed and Breakfast is a perfect holiday home for those who seek the comfort, convenience and the cool breeze of Baguio.

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Nestled inside the complex is an age-old house that serves as a private retreat where you can relax and recover from the metro’s busy lifestyle. It is also complete with an outdoor dining area and bonfire for al fresco lounging.

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The whole place is designed by the owner, Ms. Lucille, and almost all of the furniture, furnishings, and accents used in decorating the house are re-purposed and revamped. From the wall decors which are made from old doors up to the utensil cases made from flour sacks, everything is recycled and well-curated.

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The bedrooms are huge and cozy with their own bathrooms and closets. Baguio’s all-time cool weather makes it very comfortable for guests even on summer days and despite the absence of air conditioning units. Each room has a distinct design and vibe and is ranging from couple rooms up to those that can accommodate large families.

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The living rooms are colorful and cheerful and even the tiniest ornament tells a story. The whole place screams happiness and good thoughts. The walls are adorned with happy quotes and phrases to fill anyone’s day with positivity.

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Even though there are no televisions in the place, you will never run out of pleasurable times in Lucia’s with an array of activities possible. They have foosball and billiards, as well as board games to keep you busy all day long. Indeed, it is a perfect place for spending precious time with loved ones.

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The breakfast they serve is well-prepared too. Nope, they’re not the usual ones found elsewhere because all of their meals are homemade, thanks to their resident chef. Since their food is made from scratch, they make sure to use only organic and homegrown ingredients. To be honest, it is one of the most well-thought of breakfasts I’ve ever had.

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Aside from all the fine amenities in Lucia’s, what I love the most about the place is how warm, hospitable, and accommodating the people behind the place are.  They will really take care of you and will make sure that your stay is nothing short of perfect. Also part of taking care of their guests is that they impose a curfew of 11:00 PM.

If you want to experience Baguio the comfortable way, book a vacation at Lucia’s Bed & Breakfast and enjoy staying at the coziest and loveliest place in the city that we know of.

Lucia’s Bed and Breakfast

7 Navy Base Road Extension, Baguio City
0917 530 3623

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