L’Sirene Boutique Resort: A Haven for Beach Bums and Surfers


If you’re looking for a new place to hang out and really get away from the city, we found a stunning beach front resort called L’sirene Boutique in Baler, Aurora (just a 5-hour 200-kilometer ride from Metro Manila). Its owned by Actress/Model Sam Pinto and has a chill, beach bum vibe.

DSC 0379Baler has been known for being one of the coolest surfing spots in the country. However, while everyone might already know about Sabang Beach, did you know that before that stretch, this little paradise sits right before it? It’s called Reserva and L’Sirene Botique Resort and it is the first one ever in the area.

Screenshot 615 Sam Pinto has been surfing for quite a while now. When people told her to check out Baler, she instantly fell in love with the spot. “You can see the mountains left and right while surfing,” she gushes. “The beach is a longer stretch – walang agawan ng waves.

DSC 04301

Sam started looking for a property two years ago, but the resort actually just opened in April this year. All she wanted was a little beach house, but it eventually turned into a family business. The government has full support of it and has even said that they’re going to develop it more because Sabang Beach is congested now.

Sam isn’t too busy at the moment because she has already finished shooting her new movie (you guys should watch out for that!), so she can be more hands-on with her resort now. Her sister also takes care of the place when she’s not around, though.

IMG 0351

The inspiration? Mermaids! When Sam was young, people used to call her a mermaid because she loves the water and swims a lot. As such, these elements are present in the aesthetics of the resort. She also has plans to further develop the place because the property is really huge and I seriously can’t wait for it. The place is just too beautiful.

As of the moment, they already have a swimming pool, super comfy gazebos facing the beach, hanging swing beds to get tanned on and relax, and 3000sqm of free space to breathe and take photos. #Instagrammable

l sirene resort

DSC 0358So, what’s Baler without the surfing action, right? L’Serene Boutique Resort offers lessons at Php400 per hour per head and surfboard rentals at Php200 per hour. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to surf because there was a storm during the afternoon of our stay, but I’ll definitely go back sometime soon! Screenshot 621

The check-in was really quick and hassle-free. The staff was amazing and really friendly. From the moment we set foot at the resort, they did everything to make our stay as perfect as possible. (Thank you Ms. Riza, Del, Berna and Kuya Ebal!).

The resort offers two types of rooms: the deluxe rooms cost Php5,500 a night, and this is where we stayed. Its perfect for couples and small groups, is fully air-conditioned, with two queen beds and yes, pets are allowed! Yey!

DSC 0359

They even have a mermaid blanket that I wanted to take home.

DSC 0369

What I love about it is that the rooms face the pool and they have a veranda with a swinging chair. Don’t forget to get your complimentary breakfast, either!

The Super Deluxe Room, which costs Php6,500 a night, is perfect for barkadas and those who want a bit more space. The room is fully furnished and decorated; you won’t regret staying here.

IMG 0347
L’Sirene also has their own kitchen called “The Hungry Mermaid”. I fell in love with the interiors and yep, there’s WiFi!

DSC 0353

In the morning, we had the “Mountain Breakfast” (their bestseller!) at Php209. It comes with longganisa, scrambled eggs and fried rice.  They also offer brewed coffee (hot and cold).

DSC 0416

For lunch, we had the Siren’s Paco Salad (Php189), Baked Bangus Espesyal (Php239) and Pakbet Espesyal (Php)279. Thumbs up for plating! They’ve defined what serving is! Compliments to the chef, too!
DSC 0472

At Night, L’Serene Boutique resort comes alive with lights hanging across the space that make it really look magical.
DSC 0482

For dinner, this was our stunning view and we had the Dabarkads Bagnet Pancit (Php269), my favorite Sinigang na Hipon (Php399) and Inihaw na Liempo (Php289).

When we finished eating, we set up a bonfire beside the beach and had some coffee. You guys can enjoy s’mores and have some quality time with friends and family here, so don’t forget to bring a camera! The sound of the waves crashing down and my friends dancing around the fire truly made this a night to remember.

Screenshot 623
L’Sirene Boutique Resort is well worth the price as I left relaxed, got amazing photos, and made good memories with friends. Thank you so much, Sam! 🙂

L’Sirene Boutique Resort



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