Love Cute Things? Check Out These Adorable Ovens for that #AestheticGoals

With all the time we spend at home, a lot of us have picked up a new hobby or two. And along with that, a ton of online purchases for a said hobby. In my case, I’ve amassed a ton of ceramic plates and utensils because I’ve rediscovered my love for cooking. What’s next on the list, you ask? Kitchen appliances. The cuter, the better.

So, if you’re on the same boat as me, you’ll definitely love these cute ovens:

5 Adorable Ovens for that #AestheticGoals

5. Bear Electric Oven

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Don’t let its cute appearance fool you. This high-capacity, the 20-liter oven can fit a whole chicken, and cook it, too! The Bear Electric oven comes with adjustable racks, built-in lights, and a 60-minute timer. Best of all, the upper and lower tubes can be controlled separately, which means that you can use this multi-purpose oven for baking, roasting, steaming, and so much more. And did we mention that it doesn’t make a lot of mess? Underneath the rack, you’ll find a crumb tray to catch those stray crumbs and grease. Now, that’s efficient!

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4. Joyoung KX12-J87 LINE Oven

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Love LINE friends? You’ll love this small oven just as much. The Joyoung LINE oven comes with infrared heating and built-in lighting— all packaged in a 12L compact mechanism. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about your food getting burnt because this oven has a precise timer and a unified heating mechanism that heats up in seconds! That’s not all. This LINE oven comes in 3 designs to choose from: a yellow version featuring Sally, a white one with Cony, and a brown oven with none other than… Brown (the bear, that is).

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3. FineTek Electric Oven

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For late-night cravings or sudden hunger pangs at any time of the day, this cute electric oven from FineTek does the job, quick and easy. Its single-slot can fit your snack, be it a slice of bread, pizza, or even a cookie. And you don’t need a lot of power to get it going, too. We’re talking 550 watts here. With its 10L capacity, this handy little oven doesn’t take up a lot of space too, making it a perfect addition for small homes or people living on their own. What’s more, you can choose from a millennial pink or a baby blue finish for this affordable little guy.

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2. HDL-9116 Mini Oven (Pink)

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Start your mornings right with this multi-purpose oven. It’s a pan and oven all rolled in one, where you can heat up your bread and eggs at the same time. Mind-blowing! This 10-liter capacity mini-oven comes with a mechanical control for both sides to get hot, and all you need to do is turn the knob to get it going. Great for beginners in the kitchen and lazy people (like me!) in general, this oven is as compact and straightforward as it gets.

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1. Lahome Bear DKX-A09B1 Electric Oven

Photo from Lazada


Looking for a cute oven toaster for those snacks? Lahome Bear’s Electric oven is one affordable appliance you can’t miss out on. This mini-oven can be used to bake cookies, tarts, and snacks in tiny portions with its single-rack, horizontal setting. But don’t let its cute size fool you. This 9-liter capacity oven can be used to bake and heat up just about anything and can fit in any kitchen— big or small. And all it takes is 800 watts to get it going.

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What other cute appliances should we feature next?

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