Loudbasstard Hybrid: 2 Ways to Listen to Music with these Awesome Bamboo Speakers

When In Manila, we all love our music. However, when out in public, we might not always have the means  to amplify our sounds. Thankfully with portable speakers such as Loudbasstard, we can now listen to better music in better style.

I’ve always appreciated the brand LOUDBASSTARD for coming up with their Eco-friendly speakers! Moreover, they continue to build, create and even recycle products to come up with more cool and unique Eco-friendly products. Just recently, they released the world’s first ever Eco Amplifier, the Hybrid.


Loudbasstard Hybrid Amplifier


 Just like the their previous amplifiers, the Hybrid maintains it’s very simple yet classy appearance. So what makes it different? First of all, these amplifiers were named as such (Hybrid) because users will be able to enjoy their favorite music in 2 different ways – through the natural vibrations from the bamboo, or by plugging in your device. “This speaker is a combination of an induction speaker (powered) and a passive amplifier (non-powered). The single unit is interchangeable. You have the option to switch from a powered speaker to a non-powered passive amplifier.”

As for a product review, the speakers are able to do its job well of amplifying the sound. It is of course very different from those high end speakers complete with surround sound setup and the like. However, I still recommend it  as I feel it produces just the right sound for a relaxing afternoon at home or a much needed de-stresser in the office.


Loud Basstard 2

Induction Speakers – The speakers use the principal of electromagnetic induction; current is passed through a wire coil and creates a magnetic field, which can move a permanent magnet. It’s like taking two bar magnets and they’ll either mutually attract or repel each other. In speakers the magnet pushes and pulls on the speaker cone and that then creates sound. This makes it ridiculously easy to get the sound from your portable device into the induction speaker. There’s no Bluetooth (or Wifi) pairing and there’s no cables. The speaker has an internal battery which is charged via a Mini USB port.

Passive Amplifier – The Passive Amplifier works much like an acoustic instrument, using the natural vibrations of wood paired with carefully designed sound channels to make your music louder, richer and more enjoyable.


Loudbasstard Bamboo Stand

Being the Eco-friendly company they are, the people behind Loudbasstard always try their best to maximize each item. They find a variety of uses for all their raw materials to make sure nothing is wasted. That being said, the Loudbasstard bamboo stand is one of the products of this vision. “Discarded materials from production are recreated to something even more amazing then what they started as.”


I very much enjoyed this bamboo stand! In a time when everything is online and mostly everyone relies on their mobile phone for almost everything, this bamboo stand sure is useful especially for a lazy day. With it, I no longer need to hold my phone when watching videos or movies. I also no longer need to rely on random items around the room to serve as my cellphone stand. The Loudbasstard bamboo stand is so small that you can bring it with you wherever you go. It’s like I’ve got a really really teeny weeny tripod in my pocket! Perfect!


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